Tuesday, June 5, 2018

NSW International Storytelling Conference 2018

The NSW International Storytelling Conference has won a place in the hearts of storytellers around the country and overseas.

Held every second year, the space between creates a sense of anticipation. Quite often the overseas delegates return and the excitement that accompanies their arrival is palpable. Relationships are commonly maintained, if not nurtured, through social media, and when at last, virtual soul mates connect, the joy is infectious.

This year storytellers from the USA and Korea were made welcome and from closer to home: Victoria, Western Australia, South Australia, the ACT, NSW and Queensland.

Young and old mixed  in the fun. Some of the elders were over 80, knowledgeable and still telling stories; some on stilts and some on sticks!

This year Lyn Ford gave the keynote as well as sharing superbly crafted tales from her heritage. Other American delegates included the energetic Donna Washington and the remarkable thinker and wordsmith David Novak. DAvid 

David stayed on in Sydney an delivered his one man story: Gilgamesh.

We were blessed to enjoy the stories and good company and beautiful costumes of Seung Ah Kim.

Storytelling Australia Victoria was there in force, telling stories, delivering workshops, mcing, holding story circles and generally pitching in to help the organisers.

Anna Manuel, Susan Hall, Gael Cresp, Lee Foyster, Jackie Kerin, Dani Bucheler-Scott, Devi Palanisamy
 A heart felt thank you from all of us at Storytelling Australia Victoria to Christine Carlton and the NSW Conference committee.