Wednesday, December 30, 2015

WORKSHOP and PERFORMANCE: 13 January 2016

 Fire, Water, Earth and Air
How do the stories from the two hemispheres fuse the elements?
Storytelling Workshops and Performance
Jointly presented by Storytelling Australia Victoria and the Art Gallery of Ballarat

International Storytellers

  introduced by local storyteller 
 Anne in action at the Art Gallery of Ballart

 plus stories by members of

9.30 Anne E Stewart Welcome and Introduction to the Gallery   

10.00 Morning Tea (provided)

10.30 Christine Willison, will spark off memories and imagination to inspire new ideas for storytelling. Sharing stories from her repertoire she will illustrate and define the creative and developmental processes involved with storytelling including presentation, performance and visualisation skills. Christine will encourage people to paint picture with words.

Christine on her beloved Pembrokeshire coast

12.30 Lunch (bring your own or take advantage of the many cafes nearby)

1.30  Cadu Cinelli performing as Os Tapetes Contadores de Histórias, (The Carpet Storytellers) from Brazil, has created and used carpets and other cloth objects (panels, suitcases, aprons, clothes, boxes and cloth books) as the scenery for authored and popular tales from all over the world, in the attempt to encourage children, youngsters and adults to enjoy arts and reading. He will tell some stories from this repertoire

Cadu working with exquisite textile props made by himself and from Peru, France and other places

3.30 Afternoon Tea (provided)

4.00 Open Mic Storytelling inspired by art in the Gallery (or call Anne on 0408 550 945)

 Allis tells a story in front of 'Under the Burden and Heat of the Day' by David Davies - January 2015 w/shop

WHERE: Art Gallery of Ballarat  40 Lydiard Street Ballarat HERE

WHEN: Wednesday 13 January 2016

COST: $25 or $20 (members of Storytelling Australia Victoria only)

BOOKINGS (Essential): Art Gallery of Ballarat 5320 5858
Book online HERE

If you require further information: call Anne E Stewart  0408 550 945 

The Gallery is a short walk from the Train Station. For Melbourne commuters, check the timetable HERE.There will be a few of us departing from Southern Cross and Footscray Stations. If you'd like to travel with fellow storytellers call Jackie 0412 210 098

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Thank you storytellers. 2015 has been a wonderful year.

Thank you to all those people who have contributed so much of their time and talents during 2015, ensuring that Storytelling Australia Victoria continues to grow.

The SAV committee has met monthly via teleconference throughout the year.  In addition we’ve had several full days where we’ve met to discuss and clarify our vision, values and purpose. Thank you Kate Lawrence, Teena Hartnett, Louisa John-Krol, Lana Woolf, Suzanne Sandow, Niki na Meadhra, Roslyn Quin and Ronda Gault for all the minute taking, room booking, photocopying, cake, ideas, but above all your time.

Looking back, our main role in 2015 has been supporting storytellers and groups with publicity and events and getting news out to you about festivals and conferences, local and international. It’s been rewarding to see storytellers connecting and supporting each other’s dreams and aspirations.

We look forward to launching a SAV monthly storytelling event ‘Fabled Nights’. We’re still looking for a venue in the CBD that feels just right.  In 2016 members can expect a newsletter. Nearly there… 

World Storytelling Day ideas are simmering. The theme is ‘Strong Women’. WSD is set in cement in the SAV calendar. Details to be sorted but the plan is to celebrate in Mariam Issa's R.A.W. Garden. Mariam is also keen to  have storytellers in her garden on a monthly basis throughout 2016. Kate Lawrence is coordinating so let her know if you would like to be involved.
Mariam Issa is looking forward to filling her garden with stories
Gerry Nelson providing the music on World Storytelling Day

Here’s a snapshot of some of the adventures of our members harvested from our blog and Facebook.

Outside Melbourne
Ballarat's Simon Carroll snapped with Roslyn Quin at the Village Festival
Simon Carroll kick-started Ballarat Spoken Word (Facebook). Kate Lawrence is running a monthly open mic in Woodend called the Story Door. Ronda Gault made good use of the Words in Winter Festival and organised the inaugural Maryborough Storytelling gathering and there are plans for this to grow. (Watch this space.) In January, Anne E Stewart and the Ballarat Storytellers (with SAV) offered a workshop: Myth and Reality at the Art Gallery of Ballarat with visiting UK storyteller Christine Willison. In Wonthaggi, Gael Cresp offered workshops through the U3A and stories for Adults at the local library.
Train traveling storytellers enjoying a wine after The Mabinogion w/shop
The storytellers who stepped up to the mic at the inaugural Story Door
If you explore our website, you’ll find three groups that might be of interest. The Victorian Fairy Tale Ring is led by Louisa John-Krol. The Mahabharata Project is a group that connects via Facebook with interested people from around the world (administered by SAV members Gerry Nelson and Jackie Kerin). The Ballarat Storytellers is the longest running group.
Peter Fernon 'The Mahabharata Adventure' Newport Folk Festival 
 The Victorian Fairy Ring organised a mid-winter gathering at Strathvea

Beginning in February, Katherine Phelps ran a monthly, family friendly variety show, Sandbox Land. Jan Wositzky had a good year performing Canakkale Gallipoli. Lest We Forget. Jackie Kerin sprouted wings and launched her collaborative piece Tales from the Flyway (stories inspired by migratory shore birds). Roslyn Quin offered shows in events across Melbourne throughout the year. And  Niki na Meadhra developed her show Dancing the Bones of Irish Legend.
Niki in action at a private House Concert in Melbourne

Sandbox Land
Workshops and Festivals
Kim Billington’s therapeutic work has been of great interest. Teena Hartnett and Kate Lawrence ran workshops in personal storytelling at the Glen Eira and Williamstown Literary Festivals. Teena and Ian McNally co-hosted the annual open floor event at the Newport Folk Festival.
Glen Eira storytelling Festival

Niki na Meadhra and Anne E Stewart enjoyed overseas storytelling adventures. Anne headed of to the The Festival at the Edge (UK) and Niki to the Sneem Storytelling Festival (Ireland).

Resources and Stories
Thank you to the people who have shared storytelling resources and contributed stories to the website. If you have filmed or recorded a complete story and would like to add it to the site – send it through. Let the world see us in action.

Lana Woolf giving it her all in 'Scenes on the Yarra'
Lana Woolf joined us from Melbourne Spoken Word. The possibility of the poets and storytellers exploring collaborative projects is exciting. The conversations between SAV and our sister storytelling organisations around the country grow. We welcomed NSW President Christine Carlton at our AGM. The National networks have never been stronger. International links have been strengthened and forged by our travellers to the UK and Ireland and in Asia through the Mahabharata Project.

Thank you to all who have sent us news of your events, stories and adventures to share. It is satisfying to see you connecting and sharing your news on our Facebook.

Thank you to those who invest and promote themselves as Victorian Storytellers on our website. Our site is increasingly a go-to place for people looking to engage and connect; our impact and visibility grows with your confidence in us as a place to be seen.

Thank you to Alex Kharnam and Miles who have attended and filmed and  photographed so many events throughout the year,  not to mention fixing our props. We look forward to hearing some of your stories in 2016.
Jan Wositzky rehearsing with Miles for a story about a Dragon

So … there is only one last thing to say: THANK YOU.

Jackie Kerin (president)

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Kim Billington. WORK SHOP Therapeutic Storytelling: 4 March, 2 September 2016

Stories contain hidden messages about possible ways of overcoming adversity. Stories use metaphors that can change the way we see ourselves and our world. They help to connect us to each other and help in finding meaning and hope.  Storytelling encompasses both external therapeutic input and child-directed healing.

This workshop will be interactive and practical with ample demonstrations and with brief exercises to develop skills. The developmental appropriateness, value and efficacy of storytelling in therapy will be explored. You will have a chance to consider why storytelling works, how to introduce and incorporate storytelling in counselling, gain a resource of sample stories as well as ideas of where to look for suitable stories for therapy.

You will have the opportunity to:
  • Understand how stories can facilitate healing
  • Understand the theory informing this work
  • Experience and discuss the therapeutic uses of story telling
  • Practise creating and telling stories
  • Develop ways to  incorporate storytelling into practice
  • Gain a set of story resources to use for counselling 
  • Learn in the safety and support of a small group environment
This workshop is of interest to:
Psychologists, school counsellors, social workers, counsellors, case workers, child and family counsellors, psychotherapists, pastoral workers, other allied health professionals and students of these disciplines. Provisional psychologists can attend at student rates.

Workshop Venue:
WellSpring Centre - 10 Y Street, Ashburton, Melbourne. Residential street parking and walking distance to trains and buses.
Kim Billington - Masters in Counselling, Grad Cert in Narrative Therapy.

For all the details, registration etc visit  HERE

*  Kim is a member of Storytelling Australia Victoria. This workshop is an independent project.

Saturday, December 5, 2015

Expression of Interest: International Storytelling Festival Iran 2016

click on poster to enlarge
For questions:

NB Kanoon will pay all costs including accommodation and food.
Several Australian storytellers have attended this festival in the past and enjoyed the hospitality of the Festival.

Thursday, December 3, 2015

Anne E Stewart: WORKSHOP. In the Spirit of Kinship to Country.... Stories for the Journey.

Photo: Poppy Cagacj for “Daylesford Strong Women” Exhibition Jan 2015, Daylesford Convent Gallery

Anne E Stewart's Workshop has been postponed but don't be disappointed - it will be going ahead and Storytelling Vic will let you know the new date in plenty of time.

In this one day workshop Anne E Stewart will inspire, nurture and encourage your storytelling. 
She will guide you on your storyteller’s journey by facilitating:
  • goal setting,
  • story selection,
  • understanding the pace and rhythm of stories
  • and the development of performance skills.
Anne  will share ‘tricks of the trade’ gleaned over nearly 4o years storytelling. Working with myths, legends, folktales, historic and personal narratives the participants will start to develop and enhance  their own repertoire. For more details check Anne’s website

Anne E Stewart is an acclaimed storyteller with an international reputation. A versatile performer Anne has the energy and voice to engage any audience. Her focus is on the shared stories of Australia honouring Indigenous Celtic , Asian and World stories. Anne has told stories in some of Australia’s major cultural institutions, art galleries and libraries as well as on ABC radio and TV. She has been invited guest at Storytelling festivals throughout Australia, Iran, the UK and in Mexico and Colombia.

Sunday, November 29, 2015

Media Release: Story Door: True Tales Told Live Personal Storytelling Night

Media Release from The Story Door

Click on text to enlarge

If you'd like to hear a Mash Up of some of the brilliant stories shared at Story Door, Kate has uploaded some onto SoundCloud HERE. 

Visit Kate's website and check in on the workshops and events she's planning for the Macedon area HERE.

Saturday, November 28, 2015

Sydney International Storytelling Conference 2016: PROPOSALS

If you have trouble opening the links, visit the Australian Storytelling Guild (NSW) site HERE 

Call for contributions

This is a call to all who have a passion for the art and practice of oral storytelling to put in a proposal for a workshop, a performance, and/or a poster for the Weaving Stories Together - Sydney International Storytelling Conference 2016:
The theme for this year's conference is Through the Prism of Story

Choose a proposal submission form below.
Workshop  - closes Friday January 15th 2016
Performance  - closes Tuesday February 16th 2016
Poster  - closes Monday March 14th 2016

Suggested Guidelines for Poster presentation

On Friday night at the welcoming soiree we will be including a Story Slam!  Anyone can join in and tell a story. It does not matter if you are a first time teller or have a vast repertoire up your sleeve. It is all in the spirit of good fun and entertainment. .. so do come prepared.
  1. Bring a 5 minute story of any genre to tell and put your name in ‘the hat’ as you arrive. 
  2. Names are drawn randomly from those submitted for the chance to tell.  A minimum of 8 tellers will be selected or more if time permits.
  3. Stories are to be told, not read and presented without props or musical instruments.
  4. Three judges will be selected from the audience. Each storyteller is given a score on a scale of 1-10 for three different criteria: content, presentationand adherence to the 5 minute timeframe.
  5. The winner will receive a prize and the prestige of being the Conference Story Slam Winner!
  6. If you don’t want to tell and want to be a listener or if your name isn’t chosen – you can still join in the fun and be able to participate as audience members by laughing, crying, clapping, and cheering!

Throughout the conference there will be a number of Story Circles so come prepared to share a story there as well if you wish.

Thank you NSW, the Vic tellers are already excited about contributing to this conference!

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Storytelling Conferences 2016

The dates are in for two major Australian Storytelling Conferences. Now you can start planning.

Weaving Stories Together - ENGAGING WITH STORIES - Sydney International Storytelling Conference will take place: May 27 -  29

This conference provides a focus on skills and knowledge development, is a chance to see the work of colleagues (and share yours) from interstate and overseas.

Ideal for storytellers working in schools, early childhood educators, oral historians and personal yarns; there are sessions that will appeal to experienced tellers and for those who tell for the enjoyment.

Check out the Australian Storytelling Guild (NSW) website for the details. Still to be announced, there will be an opportunity to submit proposals for w/shops, telling etc so keep an eye on our Facebook or contact NSW  for information.

Many friendships are made and strengthened at this conference which takes place over several days. People who travel to this conference frequently share transport costs (taxis) and rooms at the centre. When the time comes, and if you wish to share transport and accommodation costs, you can let us know via the Story Vic email or Facebook.

The Australian Fairy Tale Society Conference - Into the Bush: Its Beauty and its Terror. June 26 Melbourne.

This one day conference is a mix of academic presentations, storytelling, music and multi media. A nourishing event with plenty of food for thought as presenters crack open stories strange, and stories familiar. A good event for storytellers who like to dig deep into their material and the oral tradition.

The presentations are of international standard, and although academic in nature, they are accessible and delivered by disciplined and sparkling minds. If you enjoy the work of people like Marina Warner and Jack Zipes et al, you will soak up these talks with pleasure.

If you would like to contribute to this conference by telling a story, or delivering a paper the call is out now. HERE

If you are a Vic Teller you may also be interested in joining the Victorian Fairy Tale Ring coordinated by Louisa John-Krol. Louisa arranges gatherings, promotes Fairy Tale events and facilitates discussions along themes in sync with the Australian Fairy Tale Society. The blog is a feast of ideas and links for thinkers, tellers and lovers of the Fairy Tale.

Thursday, November 5, 2015

Invitation: End of year party!

To celebrate another wonderful year, Storytelling Australia Victoria is holding their end of year party.

The End of Year Party will be an Open Mic Night, and the launch of' Fabled Nights' - a monthly Storytelling Open Mic event starting in 2016.

You can buy food and drink, listen to stories, catch up with storytelling friends, get in the raffle, (prizes to be announced soon) and generally have a good time.

If this is your first  Storytelling Vic event, know that you will be welcomed and will leave feeling inspired and supported in you dreams to tell stories.

Storytelling Open Mic Rules:

  • There is only a limited number of spots on the open mic, so first in, first on the board.
  • Each performer who signs up to the Open Mic will be given 8 minutes to tell a story.
  • One story within the 8 minutes - if you finish early, then it is the next persons turn.
  • The story must be told, not read.
  • The theme is open, it can be a fairytale, a true tale, or any other type of tale.

Thank you to the wonderful Lana Woolf for the planning and hosting. Lana is the first to cross the bridge between * Melbourne Spoken Word and Storytelling Vic.The way is open for storytellers and poets to meet, collaborate and learn from each other's craft.  Lana also brings recording and broadcasting skills to SAV. When not writing and  performing, Lana is a broadcaster with Joy Radio whose mission is the breaking down of isolation and the celebration of the culture, achievements and pride of the diverse GLBTIQ  community.

*Remember poets, this is a storytelling event.

DATE: Tuesday 24th November 2015
TIME: 6.30 pm
PLACE: Bull and Bear Tavern 347 Flinders Lane

Thursday, October 29, 2015

Victorian Aboriginal Corporation for Languages: The revival of Victorian Aboriginal languages

The Victorian Aboriginal Corporation for Languages has a comprehensive and informative website offering guidelines for those interested in incorporating Victorian languages and stories into their storytelling practice

Wearing my Storytelling Australia Vic hat, I attended a public lecture at Melbourne University given by Paul Paton (Gunnai Monero, Executive Officer VACL) and Mandy Nicholson (Wurundjeri, Project Officer VACL): The revival of Victorian Aboriginal languages.

The lecture began with a Welcome to Country from Colin Hunter Junior (Wurundjeri Elder).

We were asked to consider for a moment the richness of Australian Languages prior to 1788 – upwards of 250 with 600 dialects. Currently only 15 – 20 are still being learned as a first language. The First Australians were, and many still are, multilingual. Fluency in five or six languages is not unusual.

All the Victorian languages are in revival mode. Mandy referred to them as having been ‘asleep’ but now with energy coming from the communities, they are being revived.  She emphasised the connection between language, identity and well-being and the cruelty of past practice when Aboriginal people were forbidden to speak their languages. 

There are 38 recognised languages in Victoria. We were asked to respect Community protocols around language. And here I will quote from the text on the back of the language map I brought home with me.

‘…The learning and teaching of Aboriginal languages can be a sensitive issue for Indigenous communities and care needs to be taken when considering using language. When seeking access to Aboriginal languages, it is vital to understand the issues involved and to work together with local communities. It must be noted that Victorian Aboriginal languages are in revival mode and Traditional Custodians are the only ones with the authority to share language…’

The VACL website is a rich resource providing language maps, apps, information about school language programs, contacts for permission to use language, pronunciation and protocol questions. It’s worth checking out the online shop. There are bilingual stories, dictionaries and teaching resources.

Paul suggested people look at Nyernila – listen continuously: Aboriginal Creation Stories of Victoria. It can be downloaded for free HERE.

Please if you wish to learn more, I encourage you to explore the VACL website HERE.

You may also be interested in the Research Unit for Indigenous Language (RUIL) University of Melbourne  HERE.

Also Melbourne Museum Bunjilaka HERE.

If you are attending events that you think are of interest to the Storytelling community please write them up and drop me line. . I love receiving news and stories of your events and adventures.

Jackie Kerin ( blog editor)

Monday, October 19, 2015

Our overseas summer visitors will be here soon

Every year Victoria is visited by storytellers from interstate and overseas and we pride ourselves on our hospitality. This summer we have visitors arriving from England, Wales and Brazil. They would love to meet you

Cadu Cinelli

Welcome for the first time to  Cadu Cinelli. Cadu tells stories in Spanish, French, Portugese and English. He is an actor, visual artist and storyteller with post grad degrees in Jungian Psychology, Art and Education and Meditation in Art. Together with colleague Warley Goulart he coordinates Os Tapetes Contadores de Histórias a storytelling troupe based in Rio De Janeiro. Cadu will be with us December to March.

Cadu has sent us a greeting video. Please contact him directly if you would like to arrange performances, workshops or just to say ‘Hello’ from one storyteller to another.
Contact for Cadu:

Christine Willison

From Wales, Christine is familiar to many of us who attended her wonderful workshop on The Mabinogion in Ballarat at the Art Gallery. She will be here from December 3 to February 2. Christine is both an author and a storyteller with a background in visual arts. She is no stranger to Australian Schools having toured around Brisbane and is a familiar face in many Victorian Steiner Schools.
Christine's Website HERE

Martin Jefferd

Martin, from Bristol, will be in Melbourne January 4 to January 26. Martin has been instrumental in kick starting some story action in Tasmania with his connections to a well-know cider brewery in the Huon Valley. He has shared many apple stories with us. Martin is counting the days till he will see the grandchildren in Australia, sandals and shorts packed! We have even had him and Chris working on the apple trees here!

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

The Story Door: True Live Storytelling has kicked off in Woodend 2015

Kate Lawrence launched The Story Door on Friday October 2 in The Leadlight Room at Holgates. These nights are themed; the tales shared must be true, no reading, and preferably, 5 minutes long  (give or take).

Storytellers rocked up from Trentham, Kyneton, Gisborne, Woodend and the suburbs of Melbourne. 

 For the inaugural Story Door the theme was ‘Firsts’. We heard tender tales of first love, first kisses, the first time singing at a Karaoke night, preparing a body after organ retrieval, drought, learning to ride a bike, academic life, working as a story busker and moving house. The stories shared were poignant, hilarious, revealing and generous.

Kate lives in Macedon and is keen to connect story-lovers and build a community of tellers in her region. To this end she is running workshops and monthly open storytelling.

One of the connections Kate has made is with Cassis Lumb from Kyneton. Cassis not only told a story at the inaugural Story Door, she revealed she has a stunning voice and passion for Karaoke! Cassis also hosts story evenings at Alice and Co.

Kate is a member of Storytelling Australia Vic and has enjoyed the support of members who have assisted her on the journey so far. Friend, Jackie Kerin and current president of SAV, has this to say, ‘We’re a community of creative folks with all kinds of skills. We can support each other in so many ways, technical advice, editing, directing, front of house, promotion or moral support if needed. It’s just a matter of asking and making the most of the networks we’re building for Vic storytellers.’
Visit Kate on her Website (workshops and Story Door info) HERE
You can also find Story Door on Facebook HERE

The dates for Story Door: 7.30 pm
November 6: Race Against Time
December 4: Endings

Holgates Hotel High Street Woodend

Kate is exploring recording stories with a view to podcasting (by permission). Storytelling Vic is looking forward to building the collection of stories, video and audio, on our website.

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

CANAKKALE. GALLIPOLI. LEST WE FORGET in Central Victoria 11 October 2015

There are many of you living outside of the Melbourne Metro area who are enjoying the opportunities to attend workshops, participate at open mic events and see storytelling shows. Jan Wositzky has a show on in the Central Victoria region. Enjoy and don't forget to introduce yourself to Jan and say 'Gidday'. If you have an event coming up outside of the CBD, let us know so we can share the details.

Dear Friends,
Just a reminder that the final local performance in Central Victoria of CANAKKALE. GALLIPOLI. LEST WE FORGET is this Sunday. So love to see you and if you've been please pass this on to others. It's a house concert and there's a limit of 60, and Keith & Jenny serve a very generous afternoon tea. and if you're coming, please book.
Thanks, all the best, Jan.

WHEN          Sunday 11 October 2015 at 2 pm
WHERE        Dandura Alpacas, 121 Fenton Drive Harcourt North Vic 3453
COST            $20. Includes afternoon tea
                      (Primary school age kids and under are free)
BOOK:           Keith or Jenny: 03-5439 6525, or email:

Opening set from duo 'Summer Rain'

Mr Jan 'Yarn' Wositzky

Saturday, October 3, 2015


Memberships for Storytelling Australia Victoria are due to be renewed on 31st of October 2015.

Membership gives you:

·      The opportunity of being part of a unique and dynamic organisation that seeks to connect storytellers locally, nationally and internationally
·      Discounted entry to SAV events
·      The right to stand for election to the SAV committee
·      Regular email updates
·      Feature blog posts if you have any news or events to promote
·      Support to realise your storytelling dreams


If you would like to know the answer to the ultimate question of life, the universe and everything, membership no 42 belongs to Gerry Nelson so you will have to ask him!
 For all details on how to renew or join, visit our Membership page HERE

And for members who wish to be publicly listed on the SAV site there is an extra fee. We do not recommend individual storytellers, all enquires are directed to this list. If you wish to be listed have a look HERE and see how storytellers represent themselves.

Any questions you have about membership, listing, concessions etc. please contact Teena Hartnett, our Membership secretary:

And finally, a thank you to Teena for passing on opportunities that come our way, promoting SAV and creating our membership cards. All the roles on the SAV committee are voluntary and we acknowledge the hours spent by the team.