Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Federation of Asian Storytellers

Congratulations to all who have been working so hard for several years to create a body that will connect storytellers across Asia.
The first FEAST conference will take place in November in Singapore and will be followed by a festival of story sharing.

The announcement of FEAST's incorporation is hot of the press and there is still much to be done, so keep and eye out and when we hear news, we'll share via this blog.

FEAST has been inspired by FEST, The Federation for European Storytelling.  

There are festivals sprouting up just to the north of us and the membership of Australian storytelling organisations is increasingly being enriched by storytellers steeped in Asian oral traditions.

Just recently we have enjoyed connecting with  Udaipur Tales in Rajasthan. Storytelling Victoria's Devi Palanisamy is planning a skype with Rananjay to learn more.

In Singapore, Kamini Ramachandran has just completed her second StoryFest International Storytelling Festival. Located between Australia and Europe, Kamini brings tellers together from  around the world. Cheaper to fly to Singapore from Melbourne than to Western Australia, its an exciting chance to catch some of the best.

And if you can't make it to the StoryFest, there is the 398.2 Storytelling Festival.

There are also storytelling festivals in Korea and Vietnam and many other counties besides.

So thank you to the team who is creating FEAST. Now it will be easier for us here in Australia to  track events.

We look forward to sharing the website when its live and exploring ways to collaborate and connect across Asia through story and best of all, storytellers across Australia will find it easier to independently build relationships and create networks for their work and enrichment.

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