Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Fabled Nights at the Newport Folk Festival

FABLED NIGHTS: Saturday 29th June 7.00 pm
Newport Scout Hall, Market Street Newport.

A round of applause to all the storytellers who responded to our EoI and tossed their hats into the ring for the annual storytelling at the Newport Folk Festival.

Here is a scattering of acknowledgements and a warm invitation to come and join us by the hearth.
Cam Sharp

Alex Kharnam

Hugs to those who make the soup, brew the chai, stoke the fire, straighten the chairs, plug in the lights, do the dishes and host.

Dave Davies

Durgah Devi Palanisamy

Gratitude to No Worries Curries who have supplied us with their unique chai blend for over 10 years.
Ed Marshall

Thanks to Dave Davies who has our back and who is on stand-by in case someone can't make it. (Honestly don't know what we would do without Dave.)

Appreciation to Kate who travels through the cold from Macedon with gluten free cake and lights.
Jackie Kerin

Kate Lawrence

Welcome to our musician friends who play and sing with us.

Sarah Depasquale

And high five to Matt for prerecording his story as he will be be away this year.

Please join us. There is always a chair by the fire.

Matt Mcarthur

Susan Hall
And ... we're on the merchandise tea towel. How cool is that!

Tuesday, May 28, 2019


StoryWorks is a collaboration between two Melbourne storytellers and TEDx speakers Kate Lawrence and Sandy McDonald.

Their focus is the power of story to change how we communicate, relate, collaborate and work.

Kate and Sandy are combining their decades of thinking, teaching and telling to bring you their best in a series of keynote talks, and a culminating two day 'Storytelling for Organisational Culture' program in September 2019. Keep and eye out for events, beginning in June.

For more information about StoryWorks, about Kate and Sandy, their events and contacts, visit their:

Storytelling Sunday with Dee Palanisamy 2nd June

Me, Myself and My Story

Every Story is Us, Rumi.

Join me for Storytelling Sunday. Discover the stories that shape and design our lives. How do these stories craft our personalities? Do you enjoy the character stories?

Workshop your story with me this weekend.


Storytelling at the Newport Folk Festival 29 - 30 June

This is a small grass-roots festival hosted by the Newport Fiddle and Folk Club and managed by a small army of volunteers. It's a festival from the heart, that kicks above its weight and that opens its arms wide to embrace the broader community in a celebration of song, story and dance. The weekend offers workshops and performances with something for everyone.

The storytelling part of the program is rich and varied and largely supported by Storytelling Vic members and associates. 

SATURDAY 29th June The Newport Scout Hall

12.00 pm: The Amazing Case of Dr Ward and Other Stories

Musician Sarah Depasquale and storyteller Jackie Kerin ask the Question: when you bite into a pear and the juice dribbles down your chin, or spread a picnic rug under a shady elm or smell a rose, do you ever ask yourself: how did these plants come to be in Australia?

Passionate gardeners, Sarah and Jackie originally  developed this set of stories for the Williamstown Botanic Gardens but have gone on to share the tales at the Port Fairy Folk Festival, Stone the Crows in NSW and botanic gardens around Victoria.

4.00 pm Bush Poetry and Stories
Join Dave and Alan Davies on a journey back in time to the days of swaggies, shearers, stagecoaches, squatters and spielers. With Australian poems and stories from the nineteenth century, they'll take you back to the days when the bush was wild, the tracks were long and the tales were tall. 

7.00 pm Fabled Nights 
Come and enjoy a curated evening of spoken stories and story in song, served up with soup and chai around a crackling fire. Our wordsmiths promise to enchant with stories to suit all appetites.

Our storytellers and musicians are: Susan Hall, Matt McArthur, Ed Marshall, Dee Palanisamy, Kate Lawrence, Dharma, Sarah Depasquale, Jackie Kerin, Dave Davies and Alex Kharnam. And our MC guiding us through the evening is the wonderful Cameron Sharp.

Fabled Nights is a monthly gathering in Newport hosted by members of Storytelling Australia Victoria.

* For more information about the Newport Folk Festival, the location and how to buy tickets on line, visit their website HERE

Tuesday, May 7, 2019


The Newport Folk Festival has invited us to curate a night of story and *songs on the Saturday evening of the Festival - June 29 in the old Scout Hall. 

*Our singer is Dharma Picking from the Newport Fiddle and Folk Club.

In past years we've offered an open board but this year the Festival want the Fabled Nights crew to show their chops.

As part of the evening we will offer (as we have done in past years) soup and bread and chai.

While not set in cement - a plan might look like this:
  • 4 stories and a song
  • break (soup)
  • 4 stories and a song
  • chai  
So please if you wish to participate, come along to Fabled Nights on May 17 sign up and lets plan:
  • the story you wish to tell - let us hear it
  • strictly 10 minutes or less (we will ring a bell)
  • think about the atmosphere of the festival: fun, inclusive, around the fire
  • this is an all generations festival - so be aware children may be present
  • think about the balance of the evening
We'll also need need help Mcing, setting up the room, serving, welcoming people and tidying up.

We have another Fabled Nights on June 21 so you will get two chances to practice and refine your story.

*If you are keen as beans to participate but can't make Fabled Nights, please contact me and let me know. Jackie 0412 210 098


Fabled Nights in Newport is an open-hearted space for people who want to learn to craft true tales, traditional stories, tall tales and yarns; heart to heart and without notes. We welcome beginners and experienced folks. So come and strut your stuff, share what you know, try out a new story or tell a tale for the first time.

There's room for around 10 storytellers and we ask that stories be no longer than 10 minutes, give or take. We ask that stories be said not read.

We reserve 2 - 15 minute places for people who want to try out longer stories.

Let kind hearts and commonsense prevail: racist and homophobic stories hurt people so please don't bring them to Fabled Nights.


WHEN: Friday 17th May 7.30pm - 10.00pm
WHERE: Newport Community HUB 13 Mason Street, Newport
COST: $5.00 or $3.00 (Storytelling Vic and Newport Fiddle and Folk Club members). No Booking required.

* FABLED NIGHTS is an inter-generational event. Children welcome at parent/carers discretion.

Fabled Nights in Newport is a partnership event with Hobsons Bay Libraries and is supported by the Newport Fiddle and Folk Club.

PARKING: There is free parking at the rear of the building. Coming from Mason Street, turn left at Durkin Street then left into the car park. Entry to the HUB is from the park. 

Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Dee Palanisamy @ The Dock: Sunday 28th April

Take the kids along to the first of a series of Story Play Days at the The Dock Library 107 Victoria Harbour Promenade.

Easy to get to by public transport: any train to Southern Cross then hop on a tram 11, 35, 48, 70, 75

Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Jan 'Yarn' Wositzky

click on poster to enlarge
A Bundle of Sticks is the musical story that celebrates the birth of democracy in Australia.

Written and performed by Jan 'Yarn' Wositzky - Bushwackers Band co-founder, musician, and renowned storyteller - in collaboration with director and writer Sue Ingleton - APG, Australia You're Standing In It, Dimboola - it's a lively, heart-felt, fun and rebel-rousing show that tells of the hitherto unknown 15,000 strong 1851 Monster Meeting of Diggers on Forest Creek (Chewton, Castlemaine).

It was Australia's first mass political protest. They created a democratic movement that won the vote and led to the 1854 bloodshed at Eureka.

Dates and venue on the poster: click to enlarge.

Thursday, April 4, 2019

World Storytelling Day 2019 - a glimpse

Dear Subscribers,

I'm re-posting our photos and videos from World Storytelling Day as I've received feedback that some of you could not access the videos. 

I experimented with embedding them from Facebook - clearly that does not work for everyone, so now I've uploaded them to Youtube. I hope you can all see them now.

World Storytelling Day is our most ambitious event in the calendar. It seems to grow every year. This year the subcommittee who pulled it together was Anna Manuel (WSD Kids) and Durgah Devi Palanisamy (Adults) with Daniela Bücheler-Scott and Jackie Kerin. The decision to run two events came about as a result of your feedback last year. We listen!

Hosted at The Dock, we kicked off at 11.00 am with World Storytelling Day for Kids. We had a full house of children with their adults in tow. The team of specialist early childhood storytellers entranced, enthralled and excited babies, toddlers and primary age children.

 This video will give you a glimpse of the fun.

I'm also going to share this video with you as is shows the entire Acknowledgement of Country led by Dani and Tamia. Several of you have contacted me asking to see this. You could have heard a pin drop.

At 2.00 pm the celebration for adults launched with a video story especially recorded for us by  Kamini Ramachandran from Singapore. One of the reasons we like The Dock is we can share stories from around the world in this way.

Kamini Ramachandran
Kamini is the creative director and founder of Storyfest, an International Storytelling Festival held annually in Singapore. The program will be launched any day. Keep and eye out and if you are travelling north, Storyfest is a terrific opportunity to connect with international tellers from afar.

Anthony snapped in action
Please visit our Facebook page and enjoy the photos taken of the storytellers. We are blessed to have the support of so many talented friends and supporters. Anthony Cheung, once again gifted the tellers with glorious images.
And finally, a thank you  Rex Smeal who joined us for the second year in a row. Rex is a digital artist who has gifted us an animation of the day. Rex also created the image for Fabled Nights 2019.

HUGE thanks to Anna, Dee, the committee, and the storytellers for a stupendous day of story.

Dani, Anna, Dave, Dee, Sarah, Alex, Kate, Jackie, Imogen (Missing from the line-up: Matteo, Roz Quin and Susan Hall)

Happy World Storytelling Day 2019

Jackie Kerin

Thursday, March 28, 2019

REMINDERS: RAW and Fabled Nights

Anna Manuel is the special guest at the Garden on April 7. With her arrival in Australia 18 months ago,  Anna brought with her a fresh vision and energy. She has boosted enthusiasm and awareness for bilingual storytelling, become a key member of the Australian Kamishibai Association, taken on a committee role for Storytelling Australia Victoria and oragnised the recent World Storytelling Day for Kids.

Anna is heading to Bangkok for a while (she will return). This is your chance to meet Anna before she goes or say your farewell.

Bring a story to tell or ears to listen.
 This month Daniela Bücheler-Scott is our host.

WHEN: Sunday April 7
TIME: 12.00 pm - 3.00 pm
WHERE: 325 South Rd Brighton East
NO BOOKINGS required, pay at the gate.
COST: $15 (for the Garden and our special guest)



There will be no Fabled Nights in April as it falls during the Easter break.

We'll be back on May17th. So plenty of time to think about your stories!

Tuesday, March 19, 2019



Our World Storytelling Day celebration for adults is now FREE.
Come and join us this Saturday, March 23 at 2.00 pm.

We are in the Performance Space at the beautiful Dock Library overlooking the water.

This venue can be reached by public transport and is fully accessible for those of you who use wheel chairs or other aids.

As part of World Storytelling Day, there will be a display and  resources for sale.

FREE but please still BOOK to help us with numbers. When you book you will see the address and map to help you find the venue.


Dave Davies will be sharing tales from the Speewah, a mythical station in the Australian outback where tall tales abound!

Sarah Depasquale and Jackie Kerin will combine their musical and storytelling telling talents and spin you a Selkie story.

Kamini Ramachandran from Moon Shadow Stories is based in Singapore. Kamini is the creative director of the International Storytelling StoryFest Singapore  and a good friend of Storytelling Australia Victoria, Kamini has recorded a message and story for us to share on World Storytelling Day.

Come and meet Kate Lawrence from Story Wise. Kate has been touring with her one woman show 'Fantastic Feminist Folk Tales' and she hosts the only women's only open mike story event in Melbourne.

Internationally recognised US storyteller David Novak has recorded a story especially for us to share with you. David is well loved in Australia and has contributed much to the oral storytelling community as the keynote at the NSW International Storytelling Conference, shows and workshops.

Anna Manuel from Heads and Tales Story Services  is not only a reading specialist but she is an enthusiastic practitioner of Kamishibai storytelling and a key member of the AKA (Australian Kamishibai Association). Anna is also well-known for her work as a bilingual storyteller (Filipino/English) and her work in this intercultural space.

Dani Bücheler-Scott from Wolf Publishing has also made her mark in the bilingual space. Dani brings her love of language and landscape from her childhood in Austria, a passion for Kamishibai storytelling and collaborative events and creations.

Matteo has been telling stories for more years than you've had hot breakfasts. He is a familiar face in schools, festivals and libraries around Victoria. He brings gentle magic and smiles where ever he goes.

Susan Hall is one of our favourite librarian storytellers. Her knowledge of folk tale and the oral tradition runs deep. When not attending to library and grandmother duties, Susan is a regular at our monthly gatherings at Fabled Nights in Newport.

What would we do without Alex Kharnam! Alex is a regular at all our events. He is our videographer, our cheer squad our walking talking encyclopedia. A writer, camera man, props builder and all round problem solver. Alex has been working on a Greek myth with a twist.

And finally our wondrous host and hard working Storytelling Australia Victoria volunteer, Durgah Devi Palinasamy from Deelightful Tales. We thank Dee for offering to curate  World Storytelling Day for the second year in a row. We know how time consuming events are to plan. We also thank the Storytelling Vic volunteers who have offered to help on the day. Without you, it wouldn't happen.

Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Stories, stories, stories!!!

The year is kicking off with public events for you all to participate in, group shows and individuals making their mark.

For your diary ...

FABLED NIGHTS IN NEWPORT kicks off this Friday and we have the space booked for the third Friday of the month up until November.

Fabled Nights will continue as a night to practice and share stories, give feedback, share resources and ideas, to welcome beginners and encourage the more experienced to keep raising the bar.

This month we hope that those who are planning to tell stories at World Storytelling Day will come along and have a practice. If Alex is available, he will bring us some lights so tellers can have a go under the brightness.

We'll also make time to talk about how you would like to see the year unfold, whether you would like us to set themes or plan an event where we can strut our stuff; perhaps you would like to have a go at hosting or helping on the door.

All genres of story welcome. Let kind hearts and commonsense prevail: racist and homophobic stories hurt people so please don't bring them to Fabled Nights

WHERE: Newport HUB 13 Mason Street, enter via the park
WHEN: March 15 
TIME: 7.30 pm - 10.00 pm
COST: $5.00 or $3.00 (Storytelling Vic and Newport Fiddle and Folk Club members). No Booking required.

* FABLED NIGHTS is an intergenerational event. Children at parent/carers discretion

PARKING: There is free parking at the rear of the building. Coming from Mason Street, turn left at Durkin Street then left into the car park. Entry to the HUB is from the park.


Dee (Palanisamy) and Dani (Bücheler-Scott) are working together to make these Sunday events exciting and welcoming. While we will continue to share news from the Garden on our Facebook page and blog, Dani and Dee have now created an open Facebook Group where you can connect and chat with each other and share your thoughts. You don't have to have a Facebook account to see the news. Also check out the RAW Garden website to learn more about this beautiful space.

Storytelling Sundays are on the first Sunday of the month from now until November.
This year Dani and Dee will be introducing storytelling guests into the circle and the April guest is Anna Manual from Heads and Tales Story Services. 

WHEN: Sunday April 7
TIME: 12.00 pm - 3.00 pm
WHERE: 325 South Rd Brighton East
NO BOOKINGS required, pay at the gate.
COST: $15 (for the Garden and our special guest)


Don't forget to book!!

World Storytelling Day for Adults 2.00 pm. More details and booking HERE

 World Storytelling Day for Kids 11.00 am. More details and booking HERE

There will displays and resources for sale at both events including the AKA (Australian Kamishibai Association).

Saturday, March 2, 2019

Kamishibai Display @ World Storytelling Day

STORYTELLING AUSTRALIA VICTORIA is celebrating WORLD STORYTELLING DAY with two performances: one for children and one for adults.

As part the celebrations, the AKA (Australian Kamishibai Association) will be there with a display of Kamishibai stages to drool over and stories for sale. What a great opportunity to meet some the passionate Melbourne Kamishibai storytellers.
You'll find us at both sessions. We're FREE, no bookings required.

Here's Anna at the display table at the Williamstown Literary Festival 2018

World Storytelling Day for Children is at 11.00 am in the Activity Space.
FREE but please BOOK as numbers are limited. 
World Storytelling Day for Adults is 2.00 pm in the Performance Space.
Please BOOK to ensure a seat.

Tuesday, February 26, 2019

International Women’s Day at the RAW Garden: Sunday 3rd March

Every year Storytelling Australia Victoria acknowledges International Women’s Day at the RAW Garden with food and stories: stories of survival, wisdom and strength shared in personal stories, folk tales and myths.

This month, RAW’s special storytelling guest is Kate Lawrence. Kate created Story Wise, an initiative that provides story support services including workshops, key notes and mentorships. Kate is also the woman behind Story Wise Women, the only women’s only storytelling event in Melbourne.

Last year Kate, wrote, performed and toured her first solo storytelling show, Fantastic Feminist Folktales

This compelling set of stories is bold, brave, funny and heart wrenching.

Please join us for International Women’s Day, hear about Kate’s work and listen to her stories. And of course, bring a story to share if you wish.

RAW Garden monthly storytelling is now into its fourth year and has well and truly found its direction. Durgah Devi Palanisamy and Daniela Bücheler-Scott (Storytelling Vic) and Mariam Issa (RAW) hold the space for people to be vulnerable, funny, adventurous and excited about sharing.

*PLEASE bring a plate, something savoury and vegetarian is always good.

WHEN: Sunday March 3
TIME: 12.00 pm - 3.00 pm
WHERE: 325 South Rd Brighton East
NO BOOKINGS required, pay at the gate.
COST: $15 (for the Garden and our special guest)

(NEXT: RAW Garden Storytelling is April 7 *END OF DAYLIGHT SAVING)

Tuesday, February 12, 2019

World Storytelling Day for Children: March 23


Roz Quin, Matteo, Daniella Bücheller-Scott, and Anna Manuel are four specialist children's storytellers from Storytelling Australia Victoria.

They promise to delight and enchant the young and young-at-heart with stories from around the world.

Come celebrate this global day with words and wonder!

There will also be a display of storytelling books and resources

DATE: Saturday 23 March 
WHERE: Library at the Dock (Activities Room) 107 Victoria Harbour, Docklands. Melbourne
TIME: 11:00 am - 12:00 pm
FREE: HERE  Bookings essential.
Please include children AND adults in your booking.
Please book ONLY if you are sure to come as space is limited. 

*Auslan interpreters from Auslan Stage Left
Suitable for children up to 12 y/o

For the ADULT session in the afternoon, please follow this link.
This is the World Storytelling Day logo. It was designed by Swedish storyteller Mats Rehnman and gifted to the global community to share at this special time of year.

Federation of Asian Story Tellers: WEBINAR


NB: Storytelling Australia Victoria is a member organisation of  FEAST (Federation of Asian Story Tellers). If you are a paid-up member of SAV, let FEAST or Shirley know when you book.

Sign up for the FEAST webinar below and you will receive a handout that you are free to use and adapt for your own workshops.


Many children enjoy listening to stories, telling stories, reading stories, but too few enjoy writing them. Discover how you can harness that enthusiasm for stories and channel it into creative writing.
In this webinar FEAST Director, Sheila Wee will show you how speaking, listening and reading activities can be woven into the writing process, to engage children in a holistic language learning environment that enhances children's creative writing.

DATE: Friday 15 February 2019
TIME: 7.30pm to 9pm (Singapore time)
Check the timing in your time zone: HERE
FEAST Members - SGD$5
FEAST Young Storyteller Members - Free
Non- Members SGD$10
Currency Calculator

All who register will be send a recording of the webinar to watch at their leisure.
Sign up for the webinar HERE

For enquiries contact Sheila on feaststory@gmail.com

More about FEAST

Monday, February 11, 2019

Story Wise Women March 2019

 The first Story Wise Women for 2019, is coming up soon and the theme is ‘Women’.

Come and tell us a story about one or one thousand women in your life, from the woman who birthed you to the woman packing your shopping. Wade into the murky waters of gender roles and expectations, of the times you've been put in your place as a woman or relished in the joy of womankind. Or just bring your open-hearted listening and enjoy the ride.

WHEN: March 5
TIME: 7.30 - 10.00
WHERE: Handsome Her Cafe in Brunswick: 206 Brunswick Road Brunswick

**NOTE: Please book. There are only 12 tickets left for this event!

Story Wise Women is a themed based, true, personal storytelling evening managed by Kate Lawrence from Story Wise. The evenings take place on the first Tuesday of the month from March to November.

Read about Kate, Story Wise Women, venues and themes HERE

Thursday, February 7, 2019

BASA - A Celebration of Filipino Children's Stories

Anna Manuel is a volunteer on the Storytelling Australia Victoria committee, a bilingual storyteller and passionate advocate of Kamishibai storytelling.

 Know more about the Philippines! Share with your children the beauty and creativity of things Filipino.

"BASA" means "to read." Stories connect human beings and cultures.

This FIRST in a series of storytelling events catered to children of Filipino parents and the diverse communities in Melbourne, aims to BRING STORIES from the Philippines, ENGAGE FAMILIES in a culture of reading bilingual stories, and INVITE PEOPLE from different cultural backgrounds to host a similar event in the future.

Hosted by international children's storyteller, writer, and reading advocate Anna Manuel, get ready to engage in stories, games, and arts from the Philippines!

Gold coin donations accepted.

BIG THANKS to Brimbank Filipino Playgroup for co-hosting!
BIG THANKS to Adarna Group Foundation Inc for donating books for telling and browsing!

Children's books will be sold at the event.

Although this session program is designed for kids 5 and below, older kids are welcome to participate! There will be books for browsing as well.

Please share with your friends and families!

Learn more about Heads and Tales Storytelling and Anna Manuel

WHEN: Tuesday February 12
WHERE: Sassella Park 119 Station Road, Deer Park (behind the tennis courts)
TIME: 11.00 am - 12.00 pm

Monday, February 4, 2019

World Storytelling Day for Adults 2019

Our favourite time of year is inching closer; that time when people gather in galleries, libraries, theatres, homes and gardens ... and share stories in the language of their choice to groups young and old, large and small.

Storytelling Australia Victoria is hosting is 5th consecutive World Storytelling Day with the 2019 theme of myths, legends and epics.

Once again, we are back in the beautiful performance space in the Library @The Dock.

This year there will be eight Storytelling Australia Vic members stepping into the light and we have two special guests from overseas who have recorded stories for us. David Novak from the US is a veteran of the Sydney International Storytelling Conference and Kamini Ramachandran from Singapore, director of MoonShadow Stories and the Storytelling Centre Ltd and creative producer of StoryFest: International Storytelling Festival.

As well at the show, we will have displays of books and resources related to oral storytelling traditions.

We acknowledge the work our volunteers contribute to creating our events: Durgah Devi Palanisamy is the director of WSD for Adults and her team this year is Anna Manuel and Jackie Kerin.

We're excited!

*NOTE this is an adult storytelling gathering. We do have a WSD show for children on earlier in the day in The Dock Activity Space. Details to come.

WHEN: March 23
TIME: 2.00 pm - 4.30
WHERE: Library @The Dock Performance Space

*Pictured Dave Davies in full flight at WSD 2018. Photo credit: Anthony Cheung.

Sunday, January 20, 2019

SAV events coming up in 2019

Out with the diaries folks, events for 2019 are in planning and we have dates and details. If you need to check, we have a calendar on the HOME page of our website. You can also follow events on Facebook.

Storytelling Sunday at the RAW Garden 
Martin Jefferd photo: Tatiana Scott
Come join us, and UK storyteller Martin Jefferd, at the RAW Garden on Sunday, 3 February. Treat yourself to an afternoon of stories, food and great company.

Martin is like the birds, he flies to Australia for the summer, all the way from Bristol. He brings with him news of our storytelling friends and colleagues in the UK.

RAW Garden Storytelling is a partnership event with Mariam Issa and the RAW Garden and Storytelling Vic. The Garden celebrates the uniqueness and aspirations of multicultural women through gardening, storytelling, crafts and cooking.

Durgah Devi Palanisamy (Dee) and Daniela Bücheler-Scott (Dani) from Storytelling Vic are our hosts. Dee and Dani will have a mix of special guests and story games and there is always a space for friends to tell a tale.

We value listeners and storytellers equally and take pride in welcoming newcomers to RAW. 

*Storytelling Sunday at the RAW Garden will continue through to November on the the first Sunday of the month.

WHERE: RAW Garden 325 South Road Brighton
WHEN: Sunday February 3
TIME: 12.00 pm
COST: $15

Enter by the drive way gate.

*Photo credit Tatiana Scott 

Fabled Nights in Newport

Fabled Nights is an open-hearted space for people who want to learn to craft true tales, traditional stories, tall tales and yarns; heart to heart and without notes. We welcome beginners and experienced folks. So come and strut your stuff, share what you know, try out a new story or tell a tale for the first time.

There's room for around 10 storytellers and we ask that stories be no longer than 10 minutes, give or take. We ask that stories be said not read.

We reserve 2 - 15 minute places for people who want to try out longer stories.

Let kind hearts and commonsense prevail: racist and homophobic stories hurt people so please don't bring them to Fabled Nights.

WHERE: Newport Community HUB 13 Mason Street Newport.
WHEN: March 15
TIME: 7.30 - 10.00
COST: $5.00 or $3.00 (Storytelling Vic and Newport Fiddle and Folk Club members). No Booking required.

* Fabled Nights is an inter-generational event. Children welcome at parent/carers discretion

Fabled Nights in Newport is a partnership event with Hobsons Bay Libraries and is supported by the Newport Fiddle and Folk Club.

PARKING: There is free parking at the rear of the building. Coming from Mason Street, turn left at Durkin Street then left into the car park. Entry to the HUB is from the park.
*Fabled Nights will continue on the 3rd friday of the month through to Novemeber with the exception of April (Easter).

*Image kindly gifted to us by Rex Smeal

Monday, January 7, 2019


 Notice is hereby given of the Annual General Meeting of Storytelling Australia Victoria

WHERE: Library At The Dock - Performance Space 
TIME: 2pm
  • Acknowledgement
  • Apologies and Attendance
  • Minutes of previous AGM tabled 
  • Tabling of Presidents and Treasurers Reports
  • Election of Office Bearers
  • Winding up of organisation if no new office bearers
  • Any other business
As previously advised, we, Jackie Kerin (SAV President) and Kate Lawrence (SAV Vice-President), supported by the committee, have been at the helm of Storytelling Australia Victoria for over 4 years now and feel we have served well in our roles as president and vice president.

But the time is coming for us to step aside and encourage a new team to steer the ship.

At the 2019 AGM on 10th February at The Library at The Dock Performance Space, neither of us will nominate for our roles.

With respect to the succession process, we are letting you know well in advance to give those of you interested, time to consider nominating.

If you want more information about the roles please do not hesitate to contact either or both of us – Kate 0402 080 445 or Jackie 0412 210 098.

If you are interested in taking on either of these role, or joining the committee, it would help us enormously if you could let us know as soon as you decide.

Kate and I are happy to be around to hand the roles over to a new team who can take the organisation to the next chapter and we will remain available as support and a resource for the next committee.
*If you would like a proxy form to vote by proxy, please contact us via our email: storytellingvic@live.com.au
Subject heading: Proxy forms

If you have any questions or wish to send an apology or would like more information, please don’t hesitate to contact us on the Storytelling Vic email. Subject: AGM.

We have booked the Performance Space at the Dock until 5.00pm. We will have access to lights, projector and screen. You are invited  to make the most of this opportunity to:
  • Rehearse the story you will be telling on World Storytelling Day
  • Share your current storytelling passion or project
  • Air your dreams and wishes for 2019
  • Teach us new story games
  • Anything 10 minutes and story related
Let’s make the most of it: think power point, PechaKucha BUT most of all think 10 minutes.
We'll play it by ear on the day but if you need to use technology please email and let us know and plan arrive at 1.30 so we can plug you in.
Following the AGM and Play Day we will go trawling Docklands for a place to eat and continue the fun.