Monday, July 28, 2014

Notice of AGM to be followed by an Extraordinary General Meeting

Notice of AGM 2014
to be followed by an 
Extraordinary General Meeting

24 August at 1.00 – 3.00 pm
Level: 1. Meeting room: 1
Ross House: 247 Flinders Lane Melbourne

Proceedings will include the election of the committee and voting on other matters relating to the constitution of SAV. All current financial members are eligible to vote, whether in person or by proxy.
If you have any questions about nominating, voting by proxy, or any other matter related to the AGM, please contact Jackie Kerin or  0412 2100 98.

A note on the committee
We have instituted the“Knowledge Bank”. This is made up of experienced members willing to guide and teach those who would like to take on an executive or committee role but lack experience or knowledge of organisations and arts events. So don’t be deterred; involvement is an opportunity to grow.

SAV elects its committee each year at the AGM. The committee currently consists of:
  • ·       President
  • ·       Treasurer/Membership/ Minutes
  • ·       Secretary /public officer
  • ·       Three general committee members.

We are seeking to expand this to include:
  • ·       Vice President
  • ·       Administrator
  • ·       general committee members with event proposals

Each year, all committee positions are vacated and any financial member may nominate/be nominated for election for any committee position.

Positions are voluntary and not remunerated. Members will be asked to commit to attending a minimum number of committee meetings (usually by teleconference). A position on the committee is rewarding but it does require you to make a commitment of time and energy to advancing the interests of the membership.

Looking forward to a feisty, fast and creative meet followed by celebratory drinks at Yand Js or some other mutually agreeable watering hole!

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Words on the Wind: Kissing the Blarney As It Flies. Niki na Meadhra 21 August 2014

Kissing the Blarney As It Flies is a tale of growing up in Australia, feeling like a foreigner and making the journey to Ireland only to discover a homeland that is as familiar as it is foreign. 

My journey loops around from Ireland back to Hobson’s Bay where my Irish ancestors first arrived, when they settled in Victoria. 

Woven with songs, anecdotes and traditional stories this is a heart-warming yarn about coming home.

Niki na Meadhra

Kissing the Blarney As It Flies is the second story in a series of six at the Library at the Dock. The series is called Words on the Wind, an initiative of Anne E Stewart and Storytelling Australia Victoria.

For more information about the shows to come and directions visit the Storytelling Vic website HERE

Learn more about Niki HERE

Sunday, July 20, 2014

The 2014 Sydney International Storytelling Conference

The 2014 Sydney International Storytelling Conference was held in June and attracted delegates from around the world and from all over Australia. This conference takes place every two years providing a marvellous opportunity for people interested in storytelling to forge new friendships, strengthen old ones, develop new skills, hear stories and tell stories.  Several Vic tellers made it to the conference.

Storytelling Australia Victoria received an anonymous donation in the form of a scholarship to the Conference. The condition was that the opportunity be available to someone working with story as a tool in the area of social justice. The recipient was Emily Conolan, the founder of Tasmanian Asylum Seeker Support.  Emily is part of the  recently formed Storytelling Australia – Tasmania.

The conference is hosted by the Australian Storytelling Guild (NSW)  and here is Christine Carlton (president of the NSW Guild) summing up a wonderfully successful weekend.

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Jo Henwood: NSW Storyteller visits Melbourne. 2014

L - R:  Jo and JB

Storytelling Vic tellers had the pleasure of Jo Henwood's company who was in Melbourne for a meeting - a museum theatre consult at the Old Melbourne Gaol, reporting on two of their ghost tours and Polly Woodside, focusing on their use of narrative and story techniques.

When the work was done, Jo met with JB Rowley and Jackie Kerin at one of Melbourne's famous 'watering holes' - Young and Jacksons. A popular meeting place for many reasons but for storytellers, the portrait of Chloe in the upstairs bar, is very special. JB has even penned a song for the famous nude that  you can read HERE

Jo Henwood is an accredited NSW storyteller, past president of the Australian Storytelling Guild (NSW) and co founder of the Australian Fairy Tale Society HERE 

One of the missions of the Society is to set up Fairy Tale Rings around the country.  These gatherings are focused on talks and discussions about the histories, variants, meanings and Australian perspectives of Fairy Tale. And of course there is always time for telling some tales. 

Plans are afoot to establish a Ring in Melbourne. We'll keep you posted.