Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Sydney International Storytelling Conference: a glimpse from Lana Woolf

What an extraordinary weekend of story nourishment!  
The weaving stories Together – Sydney International Storytelling Conference- Through the Prism of Story was held on the last weekend of May and it brought people together from all over the world to share stories and storytelling skills. 
Storytellers from Korea, Singapore, the US, Hawaii and Australia (with strong connections to Scotland)
On a much more personal note (and slightly less distance to travel than some participants), I got to connect with two of my favourite Storytelling Vic friends, Jackie Kerin and Kate Lawrence while I am based here in Sydney for the next year.
Through the Prism of Story was my first Australian Storytelling Guild (NSW) conference, and wow, wow, WOW! I am not sure where to start, as it was so fantastical. I guess besides seeing the Victorian tellers that were able to attend, it was great to meet, Harani, Dee and Kiren Storyteller who were part of the Mahabharata community, formed when Jackie co-started the Mahabharata project with her friends Kala Paramanathan and Gerry Nelson. 
The Mahabharata contingent

A big highlight for me was meeting Donna Washington from the United States.  She is a storyteller I admire and follow with interest not only because I think she is an exceptionally talented storyteller, but I am interested in her views of being culturally sensitive when telling stories. She has put a great deal of thought into the ethics and strategy of crafting stories, and it is clear that stories permeate her whole life. You can be chatting about something that has not much to do with storytelling, and she will use a story to make a point or to provide additional information. I am also in awe of her talent of using facial expressions. 
Donna Washington in performance
Of course David Novak was a huge draw card to the conference, and gave the keynote address as well as a masterclass. I was able to watch him perform a wonderful Jack and the Beanstalk story, which had us all captivated. What I found interesting was the way he moved seamlessly into the story from just chatting to us informally about the history of the story and the history of the prop he was using (string). It was wonderful to watch.  
David Novak: keynote
The workshops that were offered were diverse and wonderful to participate in, and I really enjoyed being given the opportunity to stretch my storytelling skills in the workshops and build new skills.
It was lovely to have an opportunity to meet some of the NSW storytellers now that I am based here in Sydney for the next year, and to connect into a community of storytellers while I am away from my beloved Storytelling Vic. 
Larry Brandy workshop
Other Vic tellers that attended and presented at the conference were Gil Di Stefano, Susan Hall, Kim Billington and Gael Cresp.
Kate facilitated a workshop: True Tales Told Well and Kim offered Story Medicine and the Healing Journey – with adults and children.
 Kim Billington - poster sesssion

Kate and I both told at the Friday night slam when our names were pulled out of the hat and Jackie had a spot in the Saturday evening concert. 
 Lana Woolf - slamming


Children's Storytelling competition 

You can check out the full program HERE.
We’re dreaming about having an event in Victoria in the year between the Sydney conference, which is every two years. How that will manifest … time will tell.

From Lana Woolf

*Thanks Lana for sharing this. We welcome and encourage storytellers to send us news of events. And if you would like to check out Lana’s latest enterprise have a look HERE

Monday, May 30, 2016

True Tales, Told Live - Workshop: Williamstown Literary Festival. Kate Lawrence

click on poster to enlarge
True Tales, Told Live will appeal to anyone who longs to develop their skills at finding and crafting stories from their life, and telling them orally. It is for those who want to reflect on their life, speak from the heart, and tell their story, in a way that moves and entertains. This workshop will help you to find stories from your life, even when you think you don’t have any, and craft them into a satisfyingly shaped piece for telling.
Participants will learn several prompts and tools to mine their lives for memories they can turn into stories. They will choose one story and work with that during the workshop. Telling stories has a natural flow on to improve writing, both being forms of communication with words.
Date: 18 June 2016
Time:10.30am - 12.30pm
Location: Williamstown Town Hall (Downstairs Studio) 104 Ferguson Street, Williamstown
Ticket Price: Full $25 Conc $22 Early $20 
Foe more information and BOOKING: HERE 
Kate's website: HERE

Saturday, May 21, 2016

Fabled Nights in Newport May 2016

Fabled Nights number 2. Only 999 before we celebrate 1001

Here we are, a little blurry with the excitement of it all. And more people arrived after the photograph was taken. Cake and chai are a signature of the evenings in Newport.
Storytellers traveled from Ringwood, Geelong, Bruswick and just around the corner to share tales. It was Matteo who took on the task of warming the room and telling the first story.
Dave entertained with a classic Aussie bush yarn about Bullock drivers. You don't see them in Newport anymore.
 Roslyn gave us a gruesome account of a creature that lurks in a drain in Ringwood near a bus stop with scissor like hands who has a taste for human flesh. She outwitted it. Clever women! We don't have creatures living in drains in Newport any more. Not allowed.
Teena had a tale - a reminder that Death will come to us all.
And Susan shared a story with a gentle reminder that a little courtesy and honesty in life will take you a long way.
And there was Jackie and Sarah with their musical and story collaboration, and Alan with his masterful recitation of a  C.J. Dennis poem and David D with his tale of linguistic coincidences.

Thank you Teena for setting up the Hall, David D for the wine, Roslyn for the washing up, Claudette for donating the chai and to all who came -  the tellers and listeners.

Please join us for the next Fabled Night in Newport: June 17. Newport Scout Hall, 6 Market Street, Newport (opp the Substation). 7.30 - 10.00 pm. $3.00 (members of Storytelling Vic and Newport Fiddle and Folk Club) $5.00 (non members).

This is a relaxed open-hearted event that equally welcomes stories in progress and those well polished; a creative and collaborative space for stories of all kinds. Come and put your name on the board and have a go at telling a story.

A visit to the Islamic Museum of Australia

Storytelling Vic storytellers have been enjoying telling and listening to stories in the RAW Garden  since the beginning of the year. The garden is the the brainchild of Mariam Issa and our  friendship is  blossoming.

We had an idea that it would be nice for the storytellers and the RAW gardeners to go on an expedition. Mariam offered to organise a tour of the Islamic Museum of Australia. We agreed that it was a splendid idea.

One visit is not sufficient to absorb the depth of the exhibitions but to give you a glimpse, here are some photos.
Did you know that chess came to Europe from Persia? When we say 'Check mate' the words come from 'Shah maat': the king is dead.

The Muslim world has given us some of the great literature: Rumi, The Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam and 1001 Arabian Nights  are all loved around the world.
 We learned about the significance of the pilgrimage to the Hajj.
And of course we enjoyed a beautiful lunch and talked about the next adventure. 

This event was created especially for members and friends. And we hope to have more. Another reason to become a member! Perhaps the Jewish  Museum or maybe the Botanic Gardens ...? It will certainly be somewhere that includes food and certainly somewhere that will expand our understanding of people and culture.

Thank you Mariam for taking us along and organising a guide; a day spent  in good company, with thoughtful conversation and kind hearted people.

Monday, May 16, 2016

Clare Coburn Storytelling in the RAW Garden: 5 June 2016

A sprinkling of stories from traditional cultures about gardens, sharing and seasons will encourage an afternoon of warmth and story sharing.

Clare Coburn has told stories and taught storytelling locally and internationally including the honour of being the keynote speaker at the Singapore International Storytelling Festival in 2013. In her current work with individuals and groups, she uses stories as a way to open the heart and inspire the soul.
WHEN: Sunday 5 June 12.00 pm - 2.00 pm
WHERE: RAW Garden 325 South Road Brighton

Clare's website HERE

Monday, May 9, 2016

Fabled Nights in Newport 20 May 2016

May Fabled Nights in Newport
hosted by Storytelling Australia Victoria 
This is the second of 1001 Fabled Nights.

Want to be entranced by stories told in the oral tradition?
Want to fly with the witches, travel with the third daughter or count the gold with third son? Want to hear stories from this earthly plane – personal stories, historical tales and family fables? Want to craft and tell stories from your own urging voice, in the soft, warm and supportive firelight of the Newport Scout Hall?

Well you’re in luck because Storytelling Australia Victoria has a monthly storytelling night for any and all oral storytellers.

It’s not an open competition, just an open hearted space for all storytellers and story lovers. There will be space for ten people to tell their story of around 7 minutes. It is open to any and all genres of story.

We ask that kind hearts and common sense prevail - misogynist, racist and homophobic stories hurt people. Please don’t bring them to Fabled Nights.

DATE: 20 May
TIME: 7:30 PM - 10 PM 
PLACE: Scout Hall Market Street, Newport (opposite the Newport Substation and between the RSL and Bowls Club)

COST: $3.00 members $5.00 non members

There will be tea/coffee and biccies.
There are food venues in nearby Mason Street. Or feel free to bring some food and wine and make yourselves comfortable.

Storytelling Australia Victoria Website

When was the last time you took yourself for a romp around our website? 

Our aim is to serve our members and meet the needs and curiosity of the general public so there are always changes. These changes are a reflection of the hard work of the Storytelling Victoria committee and members.
 If this is sounding like a trumpet blast, well it is! I'm feeling proud.

A huge thanks to the committee past and present and to all of you who  contribute time, send us articles, resources and links to share. Keep them coming.

We encourage working member storytellers to list themselves. We now have a process on our storyteller's page to assist employers in their search. This means that tellers can be contacted directly and continue with their negotiations independently. We encourage storytellers with all interests and expertise: traditional tellers, personal, coaches, early childhood, schools, aged care, storytellers with bells and whistles, storytellers using story as part of a broader practice (e.g. therapeutic)...

Special thanks to Kate Lawrence who as well as all the work she is doing to grow the storytelling community around Woodend, she looks after our website. The website and our social media platforms are a constant work in progress, so the work is never done.

Maybe one day we will have a building but in the meantime I love this photo of our banner in front of this little storytelling caravan. Our beautiful quilted banner was handcrafted by Vic teller Susan Pepper. Over the years it has flown in festivals and conferences in humble huts in the bush, posh theatres in the city, crowded tents, and in this case it was adorning a tiny caravan in the Edinburgh Gardens as part of the The Village Festival.

We welcome new committee members. We understand that people are busy and can accommodate that. The committee meet monthly via teleconference so we can include people from regional Victoria but you must be a financial member. 

EMAIL: storytellingvic@live.com.au. SUBJECT: Can I please join the committee?

Storytelling Australia Victoria HERE

Enjoy the stories wherever you are,

Jackie Kerin (president)

Free workshop: Professor Andre Quadros 19 May 16 June 2016


As many of you incorporate music into your storytelling, and as Storytelling Vic is exploring its relationship with the Newport Fiddle and Folk Club and Community Music Victoria,  this seemed too good not to share.

Professor de Quadros's work is rooted in social justice values: he is a conductor, music educator, writer and human rights activist whose practice is global. He has conducted and undertaken research in over 40 countries. 

This workshop is free. But please book so the organisers can plan. Read about Professor de Quadros HERE
click on poster to enlarge 
Professor de Quadros's practice is broad and includes early childhood, prisons the elderly ...
To get you thinking, you might like to explore the work of Augusto Baol, Theatre of the Oppressed.

'Wouldn’t it be wonderful to see a dance piece where the dancers danced in the first act and in the second showed the audience how to dance? Wouldn’t it be wonderful to see a musical where in the first act the actors sang and in the second we all sang together?' Baol