Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Niki Na Meadhra: BAMBRA. A Magical Afternoon of Storytelling: 5th and 6th September 2015

An invitation from Niki na Meadhra

I'm so looking forward to leaving the Big Smoke behind and getting down to Countrywide Cottages it is such a beautiful location, with the very best of hospitality.

If you want to go to the country for an afternoon of stories, or you are already in the country and would enjoy some stories - I'd love to see you at this event.

If you know anyone down around Bambra, Colac, Deans Marsh, Lorne, Birregurra, Forrest, Winchelsea, Anglesea, Airey's Inlet, Geelong - who would enjoy a show - please share!

Di and Stu are rolling out the red carpet! It will be a lot of fun!

More Details: Countrywide Cottages
WHERE: 1205 Dean's Marsh Road Bambra
TIME: 1.30 - 4.30


Thanks for sharing Niki. Storytelling Vic loves to share news and we are especially excited about events happening outside of the metro area.

Sunday, August 16, 2015

‘Words in Winter’ in Maryborough with Ronda Gault

Storytelling Vic aims to support experienced and beginner storytellers in their dreams to grow, connect and learn.

Ronda Gault, long-time member of Story Vic and resident of Maryborough, in the Shire of Central Goldfields, has been thinking for some time now that she would like to create a Storytelling Circle in her town. ‘The Ballarat Storytellers established a group years ago and meet once a month in a bookshop to practice the art of storytelling. I feel that with a bit of energy, we can do the same in Maryborough’

With this in mind, Ronda decided to offer a beginner’s workshop as part of the Words in Winter Festival. ‘Storytellers Suzanne Sandow from Kyneton and Jackie Kerin from Melbourne, lent their support and together we designed a 90 minute workshop for people to hear, learn, and tell a story.’

‘The workshop was deemed a great success. Veronica surprised herself by telling a story for the first time and Susan Day (who had driven from Dunolly to join the group) shared an original story - the funny, informative and poignant tale of Clarence the Snake from Dunolly.’

Ronda and husband, John, have lived in Maryborough for over twenty years. A little out of town on Daisy Hill, they live in a mud brick home with the company of a herd of beautiful goats and clutch of happy hens. ‘Our home is sometimes described as the Gingerbread House’.

Ronda says, ‘The next step is to find ourselves a quiet place to meet and set a date. Our goal is to grow skills as tellers; we won’t be reading or reciting stories however writers will find that telling their stories is helpful to shaping their ideas. All are welcome. Sharing stories strengthens community and deepens personal connections across genders, generations and cultural backgrounds. We all have a story to tell.’

If you live in the Central Goldfields area and would like to meet this emerging group of storytellers, contact Ronda Gault via Storytelling Australia Victoria at  storytellingvic@live.com.au
Don't forget to put Maryborough Storytelling Circle in the subject bar.

And if Ballarat and Maryborough are no good for you, perhaps you are near Wonthaggi? Gael Cresp has been giving Storytelling classes through the U3A and telling stories at the Wonthaggi Library. You can contact Gael HERE 
In time, we may have Storytelling Circles dotted throughout Victoria!

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Gardening, Cooking and Storytelling with RAW

It’s a long drive from Macedon to Hampton but it was time for Kate Lawrence (Macedon) and Mariam Issa (Hampton) to finally meet up and enjoy a cuppa in the RAW Garden.

These two are passionate about building and strengthening relationships through story and they are definitely RAW – Resilient Aspiring Women.

RAW began in 2012 and aims to create an inclusive and caring community. Mariam’s garden is created with the assistance of volunteers; there are raised wiki beds, an out-door kitchen and a fire pit.  In this garden, storytelling is valued as a way to educate and inspire young and old.

Mariam is looking ahead to 2016 and planning events for the garden. As the Storytelling Australia Vic committee is also beginning to shape our calendar, Kate will be liaising with RAW and assisting Mariam with a program of storytelling.

We look forward to seeing many of you telling stories in the RAW garden. We’ll keep you posted via our Members Newsletter as plans progress.
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In the meantime, have a look at The RAW website HERE and checkout the coming events. 

Friday, August 7, 2015

Roslyn Quin: The Pirate Tavern And Market. Saturday 19 September 2015

Roslyn Quin the Storyteller performs at The Pirate Tavern And Market event Saturday 19th September 2015 at the Bull And Bear Tavern, Melbourne CBD. 

 Roslyn will tell gruesome tales of pirates from history and other sea-faring adventures.

This is family-friendly, so folks are encouraged to bring the kids down. It’s a licensed venue and fully functioning bar, so parents / guardians must accompany minors.

Entry to the Markets: $5, free for under 15s. 
Markets open from 1pm - 5pm
Roslyn performs in the Storyteller's Cave upstairs 2pm - 5pm. 
(Session times will be posted on the website and facebook closer to the event.)

 Evening's activities feature sword-fighting and Tango lessons, The Swashbuckler's Tournament, Balloon Brawl game, bands and dancing, and is for people over 18.

Costumes are strongly encouraged!

Golden Owl Events: HERE
Pirate Tavern & Market Events: HERE  

Monday, August 3, 2015

Jan Wositzky: 'ÇANAKKALE. GALLIPOLI. Lest We Forget'. August gigs

Hello All,

I've got a trio of gigs coming up - East Ringwood, Hepburn Springs & East Brunswick - so you can't say I don't get around.

Love to see you and if not, please pass this on if you would. 

Keep well and warm.

Cheers, Jan.

click on poster to enlarge

Tues Aug 11, 7.30 pm - Ringwood East
Story music theatre show re-telling Gallipoli with Turkish & Australian song, poetry and story.

Victorian Folk Music Club
East Ringwood community Hall
Knaith Rd, Ringwood East (in Melways as Red Cross Hall)

Start time: 8pm (support act then Jan)
Tickets: $12
Bookings/enquiries: Maree - 0411 750 462

Sat Aug 15, 7.30 pm (doors open 7.00_ - Hepburn Springs
Story music theatre show re-telling Gallipoli with Turkish & Australian song, poetry and story.
Words in Winter Festival (Full Festival program available HERE)
The Grande Cabaret Club
1 Church Ave, Hepburn Springs

Start time: 7.30pm
Tickets: $15/$20
Bookings: www.reybookings.com/IEUD

The Writer's Block #6
Thurs Aug 23, 7.30 pm - East Brunswick
Lomond Hotel Cnr Nicholson & Blythe St, East Brunswick

I am part of a songwriter's gig, along with Kate Crowley, Lucy Wise, Loiusa Wise, David Hyams & Frank Jones - a wonderful line up! Theme for the night - 'Out of Town'.

This is my first of these and they're wonderful nights of great songwriters.

Jan has more performances coming up in October and November. Check out his website and sign up to his Newsletter HERE

Thanks for sharing Jan. 

Saturday, August 1, 2015

WORDS IN WINTER: Odysseus with Peter Fernon 15 August 2015

Here’s to all you old gods
You are so far away
But you linger near
In the coolest shadows
And you breathe the moonlit air

Homer's second great epic is set after the war in Troy and focuses on one of it’s heros - Odysseus. Odysseus is tired of war and wandering. He wishes to return to his wife and son in Ithaca but gods and nymphs conspire to delay him. At last he is given refuge by some people who might help him but he's going to have to tell them a damn good story.

 click on image to enlarge

This telling of Homer's "The Odyssey" reduces a twenty hour epic to an hour and 10 minutes. Although it does not include every scene and episode, it tries to be true to the story as a whole and presents “The Odyssey” as a coherent unity. The great god Zeus, who is something of a gangster, oversees the progress of Odysseus while the other main storyteller is Odysseus himself, with the goddess Athena putting in an occasional appearance. There is some homespun theology as well as contemplation of the nature of marriage and hearth and a proposal that “refuge” lies at the very heart of what we mean by “civilization”.

Peter Fernon is a singer and storyteller who earns most of his money these days as a busker. He has worked as a storyteller for many years, first as a children’s storyteller, working mainly in primary schools and more recently as a storyteller for adults.

Other productions for adult audiences are “The Epic of Gilgamesh”, “The Wheel” ( a family saga ) “Doctor” ( the story of Trentham’s famous Dr Gweneth Wisewould ). “Holding Heaven and Earth Together” (about Trentham’s spud diggers”) "New World Dreaming' ( a story about Italian migration).

You can contact Peter at pfernon@dodo.com.au
Thank you for sharing your event with us Peter.
Full program for WORDS IN WINTER:  HERE

Here is Peter caught in action at a House Concert in Melbourne performing "The Epic of Gilgamesh".