Wednesday, October 20, 2010

The Village: 4 - 7 November

Vic Guild Tellers will be busy every day during The Village Festival.

The Village: is a cross between a festival, a fairground and a fete. A collection of temporary theatre spaces- tents, inflatables, busses caravans, shipping containers.

The Village: is an act of optimism in a cynical world. The intention of the Village is to have artists and community members leave with a strong sense of the essential goodness of people

In the Yurt with Matteo and Jackie
Bedtime Stories for big people
9.30 - 10.00
Thursday 4
Friday 5

In the Beb Baii - hand made in Pakistan, this tent is the tiniest in the Village
Stories for little people
1.00 - 4.00pm
Saturday 6: Cora and Louisa
Sunday 7: Cora, jb and Susan

Where: Edinburgh Gardens, Nth Fitzroy
Weekdays: gates open 6.00pm
Weekends: Midday

Melbourne Museum: 2 November Cup Day

Melbourne Cup Day : Jackie Kerin will be dressed for the races and ready to tell you a story. You can join her in the Melbourne Gallery at Museum Victoria.

While the rest of the country is glued to the Television watching the running of the famous Melbourne Cup, there will be a small group of Phar Lap enthusiasts celebrating the great horse.

Come and join the party: 2.00pm

11 Nicholson St
Carlton VIC 3053

Parking available or catch the Nicholson Street Tram

Open daily 10am – 5pm.
Closed Good Friday and Christmas Day.

Adult $8, Concession available and Child (3–16 years) free entry.

Rocket Clock story slam: November 10 Trades Hall

FYI: Rocket Clock story slam Wednesday 10 November

Theme: Close Shaves stories of near misses, close encounters and brushes with fame/death/anything else. It’s time to tell that story about that thing that almost happened … but didn’t.
Time: 5 mins

Check out: October slam winner, Matt Burgan in action

Bella Union Bar
Level 1, Trades Hall
Corner of Victoria & Lygon Streets
Carlton South

Free entry. Doors open 7.30pm. Slam kicks off 8pm.

Support Rocket Clock - let's make it a happening thang and there will be stories every month at the Bella Union throughout 2011!

Thursday, October 14, 2010


Matteo is a Vic Storyteller from way back.

In the style of the Court Jester or Fool, Matteo's artistic career has led him to paint pictures with words, mime, sound effects, improvisation, fun, music and humour. He views his art as an interactive sport, where audiences are encouraged to participate and be part of the story. He works with small children (4yrs) through to adults.

His advantage – he is doing what he loves!

Types of Stories:
  • Old Wonder Tales, such as Grimm's Fairy Tales made humorous
  • Adventure Stories with male/female heroes
  • Fairy Stories, old and new
  • Animal tales
  • Scary stories (for Hallowe'en, for example)
  • Thematic and instructive stories, like emergency situations or Purim
  • Stories of spirit and heart
  • Drawing storie

Types of Clients:
  • Primary Schools 
  • Art Galleries 
  • City Councils  
  • Kindergartens
  • Libraries
  • Festivals
0412 7658 92

Pics of Matteo were taken at the Mornington Peninsula Regional Gallery 2010

Enjoy the magic of Matteo ....

Friday, October 8, 2010

jb Rowley, David Demant and Jackie Kerin celebrate with Western Union Writers

Its 25 years since three Werribbee writers got together and began what is now Western Union Writers group.
Pic: jb in conversation with Margaret Campbell a prolific writer, editor and the coordinator of Western Union Young Writers

The Vic Guild was invited to celebrate the Union's anniversary, join in the feasting and entertain with a story or three.

Jb, David Demant and myself rose to the challenge - sharing a variety of tales.

Jb began with her story - an adaptation of the short story,The Last Leaf by O'Henry. This tale set off a train of memories for Wolf Heidecker. Wolf grew up in Germany and remembered reading The Last Leaf as a little boy in school in Germany. Wolf has been in Australia since 1997 working as a producer, director, actor and singer. Wolf has a production coming up at La Mamma in November (click on Spring programs Foxholes of the Mind)

David followed with two short tales involving food - Honey Cake and Sardines. David has a terrific sense of humour and dry wit. These two tales have biographical links that give his listeners clues to a unique past.

And I followed with my tale about a lyrebird called James. The Lyre is the symbol for the Vic Guild - there is a connection in my mind.

This writers group is inspirational - the way in which they support each other, their breadth of vision and imagination.

A table displaying the published works of the Western Union was groaning under the weight - a truly astonishing testament to the group's energy. We were also invited to add our books to the mix.

Thankyou to Helen Cerne, Bronwen Hickmen and all the writers who made us feel so welcome and for their generous support of the Vic Storytelling Guild.

Helen is a small independent publisher

Jackie K

David signing copies of his book The First Computer Mouse

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Christine Carlton (NSW) visits Victoria

Christine Carlton is in Melbourne for Celebrating Story: Bringing People and Work to Life.
The conference is about:
Seeking new (or old) ways to help bring meaningful connection, relationship and work to fruition within the workplace and beyond
Interested in learning more about the many and diverse ways of working with story and narrative across business, community and government
A story or narrative practitioner in any guise.

Christine has this to say about stories: Stories are the storehouses of meaning. Whether stories are told around the campfire, in the pub, at the kitchen table or in the staff room, boardroom or waiting for a bus, they contain all that is in life – the humorous and sad, the real and imaginary, the simple and complex. Everyone is a keeper of stories and some stories are just waiting to be told.

When Christine knew she was coming to Melbourne she checked out the Vic Guild blog and decided to make a night of it at the Rocket Clock Story Slam at Trades Hall.

Welcome to our beautiful city Christine.

For more info on the conference:

NB. Victorian storyteller and writer Julie Perrin is also presenting at the conference. Visit our archives

Rocket Clock: Time to Tell. So how was it? ......

So how was the inaugural Rocket Clock Story Slam?

It went off with a BANG! The Bella Union Bar at Trades Hall was packed with nervous storytellers and their supporters. With five minutes to tell a story, a theme (Firsts) and places for 10 tellers - names were drawn out of a hat and the list placed under the board. Three judges rated the stories out of ten and the winner was rewarded with a free ticket to a Fringe music event.

Rocket Clock is a gentle good hearted evening, no heckling, attentive listeners (despite being in a bar). The tellers are required to take to the stage under the lights, use a mic and the room is dim, so folk used to seeing faces may take a second or two to feel at home.

Storytellers had a variety of styles in both the telling and the content; some had a stand-up feel, some where less structured - more like a string of anecdotes, some tales were self deprecating, some transcendent. Men, women and folk of all ages had a crack at a story.

There are so many ways to celebrate the art of the storyteller and Rocket Clock has brought something new to town for you all to enjoy. Be comfortable to turn up on your own, its a friendly crowd and you will be absorbed into the night, share a table and maybe make a new story friend. Parking is good all around Town Hall.

Sooo there you have it ... no excuses ... go along and enjoy.

To keep up to date with Rocket Clock vists their website You can also follow developments on facebook and Twitter