Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Fabled Nights in Newport and Stories by the Fire

Fabled Nights is back and this month our host is Cameron Sharp.

Cam is a valued member of Storytelling Australia Victoria, famous for bringing tears to our eyes with heartfelt personal tales that have taken us to the Oodnadatta Track, New York and back stage of musical theatre where he revealed to us the secrets of the quick change!
At Fabled Nights we encourage folks to have a go, not only telling a story but with hosting, kitchen duties, setting up and packing down. The night belongs to all of us, its a safe place to learn new skills and confidence in running story gatherings.

If you have a gig on the horizon and you want to test out your story, come along!

We enjoy true, fictional, traditional and rhyming verse.

We ask that stories be 8 - 10 minutes. We have two longer spots on offer if you would like more time.
Please don't read, unless you are working on an oral piece.

Let kind hearts and common sense prevail: homophobic and misogynistic stories hurt people. And we ask that if you tell someone else's personal story, you assure us, you have their permission. You can read out values statement HERE.

WHEN: June 15

WHERE: Newport HUB. 13 Mason Street Newport. *all access venue
Enter from the park side of the building. Car parking at the rear of the building.

TIME: 7.30 - 10.00 pm

COST: $3.00 for Storytelling Australia Victoria and Newport Fiddle and Folk Club members or $5.00

The urn will be boiling and cake and nibbles ready for half time.

Why not come to Fabled Nights and practice a story for Stories by the Fire.

 Stories by the Fire 
our annual event at the Newport Folk Festival

This is an open floor for storytellers at the Newport Folk Festival.
Stories 8 - 10 minutes (we will ring a bell).

Soup, cake, chai. Every year, without fail, No Worries Curries donates delicious chai.

WHEN: June 30

WHERE: Newport Scout Hall. Market Street Newport. The old wooden hall comes alive with an open fire and candles.

TIME: 6.00 - 8.30

COST: Information HERE