Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Teena Harnett: Victorian Storytellers are building up for a busy 2014.

How long have you called yourself a Storyteller?
 I've been a storyteller my whole life but have only dared to say that's what I do professionally for the last few years! 

What has been your involvement in Storytelling Australia (Vic)? 
 I joined the organisation last year so I'm very new! This year I'm helping to co-ordinate a storytelling gig with Storytelling Australia (Vic) and BOYD Community Hub to celebrate World Storytelling Day.

What do you love the most about storytelling?
The transformative effect that stories have on the teller and the listener. I get completely carried away telling a story and I'm cocooned in another world when I hear one. I think they are so powerful and healing as well as entertaining.

What is your favourite story?
 Mmm, I can't choose just one but as a teller I adore telling 'La Calavera (Lady Death) and 'The Girl Who Loved the North Wind'. As a listener I love ALL stories.

What is the most memorable moment you have experienced either as a listener or a teller?
 Watching and listening to Jackie Kerin with her Kamishibai is very exciting for me!

Describe a busy week?
This week is a good one to describe as I had 'Enchanted Evening' on Sunday night - volunteering telling stories at an old people's home in Moorabbin and preparing for an upcoming gig as well as all the other everyday things like a job and running a house.

What are you planning at the moment?
As well as helping coordinate the event with BOYD Community Hub and Storytelling Australia (Vic) to celebrate World Storytelling Day, I'm also planning a storytelling event to be held south of the Yarra river as I live on this side of town and always find myself heading north for anything story related! I'm in the process of sourcing venues and thinking about dates etc. I have a gig coming up on the 16th so I'm planning what stories I will tell for that.

Have a wonderful, creative and story-filled year Teena.

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