Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Dreaming and Planning Day with Kate Lawrence 2014

It was a small gathering for the AGM and Dreaming and Planning Day but effective. Thank you to those who sent apologies - we appreciate it.

Storytelling Vic is lucky to have Kate Lawrence as a member. Kate has a passion for stories and telling but is also skilled in leading groups though creative discussion, towards cohesiveness and stronger connection.

Perhaps one of the unique things about traditional oral storytelling groups like ours is the diversity of minds that the art form attracts. It seems that no two of us use, share, perform, recite or think about storytelling in the same way. This is surely a strength to be valued.

We all have some work to follow up on the day and members will hear the results in due course.

Thank you Kate; it was exhausting, a reality check and inspiring.

More about Kate HERE

pics north to south: Kate, JB Rowley and Jan (Yarn Wositzky), Gael Cresp and Ann E Stewart.