Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Roslyn Quin: Victorian Storytellers are building up to a busy 2014

How long have you called yourself a storyteller?
I have been tentatively calling myself a storyteller since 2012, but only got comfortable with it mid last year. I didn't know what I was before that... Mostly I just referred to myself as a folklore obsessed chatterbox!

What has been your involvement in Storytelling Australia (VIC)?
I joined Storytelling Australia in early 2012. I was doing research for my 2012 Melbourne Fringe show 'The Red Bird and Death', and joined immediately. I was thrilled to meet other storytellers, who were all very welcoming and enthusiastic to meet a newbie. I attend everything I can - I'm a bit of a fan girl for other storytellers!

What do you love most about storytelling?
I once had a lady come up to me and tell me about a story that I had told, that her favourite part was about blood all over the floor and the heroine's shoes sticking to the floor and how graphic she'd found that image... The lovely thing was that I never mentioned the shoes sticking to the floor. That was something her mind had painted for her. Storytelling, I think, is something that happens in the space between the teller and the listener.

What is your favourite story?
I don't think it will surprise anyone to learn and I love stories about death. I think I'm getting a reputation for being the dark one in the Melbourne storytelling scene. Godfather Death, The Soldier and Death...they're all my favourites. Monsters are also a favourite topic and feature heavily in my original tales too.
I enjoy how humanity externalises things it doesn't understand, fears, things its uncomfortable with and looks at it through story as a familiar unfamiliar 'other'. 

What is the most memorable moment you have experienced either as a listener or a teller?
Actually, the most memorable experience I have had is when some co-workers from my day job came to see my Melbourne fringe show of storytelling. One particular guy was very, very doubtful about the whole 'storytelling thing' and I'm sure he only came along as it was in a bar, he had an iPhone, and his girlfriend made him.... By the end of the show he was my biggest fan, asking to try on my storytelling jacket, playing with the puppets and reliving the stories to me. That, and the first story I ever told to a stranger. It was to a market stall-holder - I traded a tale for one of his embroidered patches. 

Describe a busy week.
Aside from the usual full time job, teaching and studying martial arts, and stage kittying and MCing at cabaret and burlesque shows, I am also performing at the Fed Square Fresh Air Festival this weekend, performing at Ladders to the Moon, maintaining my social life, and fitting in a date while trying to keep my house relatively neat. I think there're some appointments in there too... This is why I have my calendar synced between all my devices!

What are you planning at the moment? 
At the moment I am working on some short film projects and perhaps some YouTube stuff, helping out with Ladders to the Moon, a show idea for mid/late 2014 (shhh! Secret!), and preparing for some interactive character performances at events such as the 2014 Goblin Ball... This year I am the Fire Goddess - so it will be fun to run a whole kingdom for a single night again! 

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