Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Glen Eira Storytelling Festival. Matteo. 24 June 2012

Old Wonder Tales, Adventure Stories, Fairy Stories, Animal Tales, Scary Stories. 
Matteo’s highly interactive style of storytelling is like nothing you have seen before. He brings the whole audience together like they are a big family sitting around a fire. Listening, laughing and throwing in comments. Often after a show parents come up, shake his hand and say they might have enjoyed it more than the kids. People enjoy the sound of his voice, the ambience that has been created and the journey they have been on. All this and its free for you this Sunday afternoon at Carnegie Library as part of the Glen Eira Storytelling Festival 
photo: Grimm's Festival Scotch College Hawthorn

WHEN: Sunday 24 June  2012
TIME: 3.00pm
WHERE: Carnegie Library Sheppardson Street. Carnegie
PROGRAM: Fairytales Around the World

Testimonials from those who count …  

I will always remember the way that he makes you feel and see visions in your head.  Julie  

He was so good, I could see him again and again.  His stories were so good, they just switched on a light inside me.  People looked astonished, especially me.  It was like he had a magic spell on me, so I couldn’t look away….Our grade would love to invite him back and so should you.  Amy
(The Patch Primary School class 5J)

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