Sunday, March 4, 2012

Storytelling Australia (Vic) AGM 2012

The Storytellers are a busy lot and agreeing on a date for the AGM was not easy but finally we gathered, talked and made some decisions. We had a healthy turnout and a list of apologies so we feel confident that we're in good shape.

Please make note: from now on we will be known as Storytelling Australia (Victoria) - the word 'guild' has been dropped. For some time now folk have been expressing the view that they felt the word was archaic but most importantly we are working towards national collaboration with groups in other states and consistency of the name was an issue.

We have a new team for the year but before I elaborate - a big thank you to Imelda Evens who has resigned as treasurer, secretary and public officer. Also a big thanks to Gael Cresp who has acted as our President for several years.

So... the new team L -R

Jackie Kerin: Blog
Beth Cregan : Facebook
Gael Cresp: Public Officer
Anne E Stewart: Secretary and Media Liaison
Graham Davey: Interim Treasurer
Matteo: President

Tellers are sending in news for the blog re workshops and public performances - keep them coming. Events are listed under LINKS to the left of this page. And remember, if you are a member of Storytelling Australia (Vic) and would like to be listed we can do that for you. If you don't have a website, we can create a page on this blog for you. If you are describing yourself as a 'professional' storyteller, we define that as one who charges a fee and has an ABN.

Look forward to hearing from you
Jackie Kerin:

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