Monday, March 19, 2012

JJ Sheills Vic storyteller in Melbourne for the day

JJ Sheills is one of Storytelling Australia (Vic's) 'old guard'. JJ has been telling stories for more years than most of us have had hot breakfasts. Now living in Emerald in the Dandenong Ranges, he needs a good reason to be persuaded to come into busy Melbourne.

Like all Vic storytellers, JJ has a unique background and interests. With a history in theatre and puppetry, JJ still manages the dance between the art forms. He frequently paces the boards of the GEMCO community Theatre in Emerald and is currently working on a production of three short plays by local playwright Ken Purdham. JJ is also involved in making sure that the Thomas the Tank Engine shows - 'Day Out With Thomas' continue to be lively and engaging. JJ has written the script for the current show where poor Thomas has to contend with a dreadful attack of the hiccups!

But when this photo was taken, JJ was in Melbourne enjoying a coffee in Federation Square and sharing stories for his next project for the PAVE Festival with Matteo and Jackie Kerin: A Grimm Reminder.

Read more about JJ Sheills here.

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