Sunday, March 25, 2012

Children's Book Festival Family Fun Day: State Library Victoria 2012

The State Library of Victoria celebrated Australian children's, authors, illustrators, publishers, entertainers and storytellers with the Children's Book Festival Family Fun Day. The library and forecourt were jammed with crowds and the organisers blessed with fine weather. Oral storytelling was included in the programming - Anne E Stewart was spotted working hard in 1001 Nights Tent and in Queens Hall, Bernard Caleo introduced his audience to Kamishibai (Japanese Paper Theatre) and followed up with a workshop. Bernard has created and drawn a story to tell the story of Kamishibai. He is snapped in full flight!

The beautiful wooden stage was built by Ted Smith from the Newport Fiddle and Folk Club and is shared by Bernard and Jackie (Storytelling Vic).

Another storyteller who is exploring kamishibai in her storytelling and teaching practice is Storytelling Australia (Vic)'s Beth Cregan

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  1. I love this photo! So wish I could have been in the audience! Kamishibai is a great way to get kids writing and telling stories.