Friday, October 8, 2010

jb Rowley, David Demant and Jackie Kerin celebrate with Western Union Writers

Its 25 years since three Werribbee writers got together and began what is now Western Union Writers group.
Pic: jb in conversation with Margaret Campbell a prolific writer, editor and the coordinator of Western Union Young Writers

The Vic Guild was invited to celebrate the Union's anniversary, join in the feasting and entertain with a story or three.

Jb, David Demant and myself rose to the challenge - sharing a variety of tales.

Jb began with her story - an adaptation of the short story,The Last Leaf by O'Henry. This tale set off a train of memories for Wolf Heidecker. Wolf grew up in Germany and remembered reading The Last Leaf as a little boy in school in Germany. Wolf has been in Australia since 1997 working as a producer, director, actor and singer. Wolf has a production coming up at La Mamma in November (click on Spring programs Foxholes of the Mind)

David followed with two short tales involving food - Honey Cake and Sardines. David has a terrific sense of humour and dry wit. These two tales have biographical links that give his listeners clues to a unique past.

And I followed with my tale about a lyrebird called James. The Lyre is the symbol for the Vic Guild - there is a connection in my mind.

This writers group is inspirational - the way in which they support each other, their breadth of vision and imagination.

A table displaying the published works of the Western Union was groaning under the weight - a truly astonishing testament to the group's energy. We were also invited to add our books to the mix.

Thankyou to Helen Cerne, Bronwen Hickmen and all the writers who made us feel so welcome and for their generous support of the Vic Storytelling Guild.

Helen is a small independent publisher

Jackie K

David signing copies of his book The First Computer Mouse

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