Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Christine Carlton (NSW) visits Victoria

Christine Carlton is in Melbourne for Celebrating Story: Bringing People and Work to Life.
The conference is about:
Seeking new (or old) ways to help bring meaningful connection, relationship and work to fruition within the workplace and beyond
Interested in learning more about the many and diverse ways of working with story and narrative across business, community and government
A story or narrative practitioner in any guise.

Christine has this to say about stories: Stories are the storehouses of meaning. Whether stories are told around the campfire, in the pub, at the kitchen table or in the staff room, boardroom or waiting for a bus, they contain all that is in life – the humorous and sad, the real and imaginary, the simple and complex. Everyone is a keeper of stories and some stories are just waiting to be told.

When Christine knew she was coming to Melbourne she checked out the Vic Guild blog and decided to make a night of it at the Rocket Clock Story Slam at Trades Hall.

Welcome to our beautiful city Christine.

For more info on the conference:

NB. Victorian storyteller and writer Julie Perrin is also presenting at the conference. Visit our archives

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