Sunday, July 1, 2018

Stories Stories Stories: by the fire and in the garden

What a weekend of stories it has been.

Much has been shared on Facebook but for those of you who couldn't be with us and who don't subscribe to that platform, here are some photographs of both events to enjoy.

Stories by the Fire on June 30th

On Saturday evening storytellers gathered as part of the Newport Folk Festival. In the Old Scout Hall, with the fire blazing and soup and chai simmering, the stories found wings.
The old Newport Scout Hall

Edith , the youngest storyteller
The evening was supported by a team from Storytelling Australia Vic who not only hosted (thanks Matt McArthur), lugged lights and baked gluten free cake (thanks Kate Lawrence), tweaked soup, baked cake, buttered bread and remained unflappable in the kitchen (thanks Cameron Sharp), and crossed town in with soup and sweets (thanks Mariam Issa and Devi Palanisamy). And thank you No Worries Curries for donating the chai.

James Howard channeling Henry Lawson
Jackie and Cam dishing up the soup
Stories in the RAW Garden on July 1st

The cold didn't dampen the spirits of the RAW regulars. Normally hosted by Durgah Devi Palanisamy, Dee was unavailable and Daniela Bücheler-Scott stepped into Dee's shoes. Storytellers never shy away from celebrating a birthday. Happy birthday Dani!
Daniela Bücheler-Scott
Mariam Issa in conversation with young storyteller
Children are always welcomed into the circle at RAW.
RAW Garden Storytelling is held February - November on the first Sunday on the month. Check the calendar on the HOME page of our website for details. HERE

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