Monday, March 20, 2017

World Storytelling Day

Many thanks to Storytelling Vic member Susan Hall who offered to organise and host an event to celebrate World Storytelling Day for 2017.
Susan Hall
With her connections in the Geelong Libraries, Susan booked us a space in the DOME Library and Heritage Centre. Many of us learned new stories to bring to this event and made good use of Fabled Nights in Newport to practice.

Alex and co
It was a mixed event - all kinds of stories and folks of all ages. Alex recruited the kids to help with the refrain of his story.

Durgah Devi
Durgah Devi dazzled with two stories including treating us to a version of The Hare and the Tortoise in Tamil. Also we need to thank Dee for arriving with boxes of exquisite cup cakes.

So that's it till next year. Story Vic thrives on the support and energy of members and a hard working committee. World Storytelling Day events were energised several years ago and hosted by Teena Hartnett. We have her to thank for getting them off the ground and now WSD is the first event we post in our calendar every year. Thank you Teena for sowing the seeds.

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