Monday, February 1, 2016

World Storytelling Day news from our Dutch Story Telling Friends

From The World Storytelling Day committee from the Foundation for Storytelling, Netherlands.

20 March 2016  is World Storytelling Day, a day on which we celebrate the art of storytelling.  The committee of the Dutch Stichting Vertellen (Foundation for Dutch Storytelling) supports the initiatives and activities that Dutch storytellers undertake on this particular day and our Website plays and important role in this HERE.

Last year we had about 40 activities on World Storytelling Day all over The Netherlands. Stories whirled around in schools, small theatres, libraries and even bookstores. Stories mainly told in Dutch but not all of them.

We, the committee, like to encourage the world into the Dutch activities – to make a real world day. To achieve this we invite your participation.

Last year, and the year before that, a few of you sent as a short video. We load the video into our website and storytellers in the Netherlands showed them at their events. The reaction of the audience to the videos is always one of surprise and joy. We’d like to continue this tradition. To give you and idea what we are looking for

Please send the URL of your video to On our website, there is  an English page through which you can access the videos that are sent in, so you can also use them in your performances.

Another opportunity for you is to establish ‘live’ contact during one of the performance that will be taking place. For Example, by means of Skype or WhatsApp. This year, our committee is not organizing an event for 'live' exchange but we can play the role of intermediary between you and the Dutch initiatives. Let us know as soon as possible if you're interested. Email

Thank you for taking time to read this and we wish you a creative, fun, wordy and worthy World Storytelling Day 2016.

Fred uit het Broek 
(WSD committee Foundation for Storytelling, Netherlands)

World Storytelling Day HERE

Thank you Fred, your committee is inspirational. I hope that one day Victoria will be peppered with events in 'schools, small theatres, libraries and even bookstores'. 

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