Saturday, July 26, 2014

Words on the Wind: Kissing the Blarney As It Flies. Niki na Meadhra 21 August 2014

Kissing the Blarney As It Flies is a tale of growing up in Australia, feeling like a foreigner and making the journey to Ireland only to discover a homeland that is as familiar as it is foreign. 

My journey loops around from Ireland back to Hobson’s Bay where my Irish ancestors first arrived, when they settled in Victoria. 

Woven with songs, anecdotes and traditional stories this is a heart-warming yarn about coming home.

Niki na Meadhra

Kissing the Blarney As It Flies is the second story in a series of six at the Library at the Dock. The series is called Words on the Wind, an initiative of Anne E Stewart and Storytelling Australia Victoria.

For more information about the shows to come and directions visit the Storytelling Vic website HERE

Learn more about Niki HERE

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