Monday, July 15, 2013

Storytelling at Words in Winter. Daylesford 2013

Storytelling at Daylesford Words in Winter has been programmed by Anne E Stewart from Storytelling Australia.


Sweeney Of The Birds
What is madness, when the sane are slaughtering one another? Sweeney of the Birds is based on an ancient Irish epic, centring around King Sweeney, who in the thick of battle ‘levitates in a frantic cumbersome motion, like a bird of the air’. Performed by Andrew McKenna.

Bookings:  0423 934 192
Where:  The Rex Cinema, in the Arcade 
When:    Friday 9th August 
Time :     8-9pm
Cost: $15/$10

Storytelling Australia presents - Alex Dawia – from Bougainville
Healer, storyteller and social activist, Alex Dawia shares folktales from his homeland and tells the inspiring story of how the humble vanilla bean has brought new hope to his community.

Where:  The Rex Cinema                                                                           
When:    Saturday 10th August                                                                                              
Time:    10.30-11.30 am
Cost:   Adults $5 Children free
Kamishibai Stories - Jackie Kerin

Hailing from 1920′s Japan, the Kamishibai storyteller would strap a small wooden stage to their bicycle with illustrated cards and trays of handmade sweets, pedaling from town to town with tales of adventure.
Join storyteller Jackie Kerin as she revives this sweet experience with her Kamishibai rig and enjoy tasty tales from all over the world. Brought to you by Storytelling Australia (Vic)
Where:  The Rex Festival Hub                                                                                           
When:    Saturday 10th August                                                                                                 
Time :     11am1pm                                                                                                                            Cost :     Gold coin
A Sheltering Spirit -  Andrew McKenna and Caithlin Meave
Tales and songs of love and loss
A woman braves a crazed wolf to save her lover; a gorgeous poetic vision of The Dream of Angus, where a young man is plagued by dreams of a girl and wakes each morning with a white feather on his chest; and a father lost to the river for ever … Andrew McKenna and Caithlin Meave perform stories and songs about great acts, noble deeds and people going to the edge for love.
Bookings: 0423 934 192
Where:  The Rex Cinema, in the Arcade                                                                             
When    Saturday 10th August                                                                                              
Time      9.30pm10.30am                                                                                                                   Cost :     $15/$10
Children’s Storytelling with Andrew McKenna
Where:  The Rex Festival Hub 
When:    Sunday 11th August 
Time:    11.30am 
Cost:     Gold Coin

The Inaugural Maurice May Story Slam
Patriarch of Captains Creek organic farm and a natural born storyteller, Maurice May’s passion for the environment has been passed on to his granddaughter Stephanie Hodgins May. To honour his memory she’s looking for your story of the land and environment.5 minutes per story, 3 guest judges from the audience, great prizes and glory, supporting Stephanie’s Federal campaign for the Greens.
Register for Story Slam by Aug 9 with Anne E Stewart

Where:  The Rex Festival Hub 
When    Sunday 11th August 
Time     12-2pm 
Cost     $5

Children’s Storytelling - Fairy Lou and Matteo
Storytelling Australia (Vic) presents two of the finest fairies in the business. Fairy Lou is always ready with her wand, wishes and stardust and Matteo has been variously described as a genie, a funky pirate or a gypsy. Even the grownups will love them.
Don’t miss two of Australia’s premier storytellers at this year’s Words in Winter Festival!
Where:  The Rex Festival Hub 
When:    Sunday 11th August 
Time:      3pm 
Cost :    Gold Coin

See complete Words in Winter program HERE 

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