Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Julie Perrin. Springtime Story Basking. Saturday 3 November 2012

Hello lovers of story  – see below for Storybasking – do come, it  will be delightful! 
My latest e-news is attached.

Here is an offering from the world of SLOW…
Springtime Story Basking
“the task of a storyteller, is to make a place, where wisdom, who is like a shy animal, can come out and graze”
Julie Perrin tells stories and poetry, you get to bask! More like a retreat than a concert
 – find rejuvenation through resting in story, slow to the pace of poetry spoken or copied by hand. 
Give yourself the best part of a day where there is time to be still, 
to write and draw or walk in the Darling Gardens. 
Simple art materials, morning and afternoon tea provided.
 Saturday November 3,  11am - 4pm
the Athol Gill Centre, 100 Hodgkinson St Clifton Hill
Booking information see
or go to Meet-up
inquiries to Julie 0409 019 987

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