Friday, November 11, 2011

The Skype Story Cafe

On the magical eleventh of the eleventh of 2011 we held the inaugural Skype Story Cafe.

Jackie Kerin, Gael Cresp and Bettina Nissen joined each other via a video link
and shared stories.

Jackie told GOLD! one of her tellable tales, Bettina The Harp, the mouse and the bumcock, a Jack story from Ireland and Gael The silver on the hearth, a traditional tale from Afghanistan. If you are lucky you might get to hear Bettina tell the story some time and then you also will know what a bumcock is...

Both Bettina and Gael had learned their stories especially for this event.

Although there were some technical difficulties with lines dropping in and out,
overall the event was a success and represents a new way for contact between
folk spread from Newport on the western side of Port Phillip to Kilcunda, down
between Phillip Island and Wonthaggi and Deception Bay, 30 minutes north of

It is also an excellent way for tellers to practice new stories - although nothing
beats telling to a live audience who bring so much to each story.

We hope to hold another Skype Story Cafe before Christmas so if you would like
to be included let Gael know and she will inform you of the date and time (and the
technical needs).

Contact for Gael:

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