Thursday, September 22, 2011

JB Rowley reflects on the power of story

JB was selected to tell her story The Flowerdale Tattoo at the Sydney Festival 2011.

When we tell a story we release it to connect, inspire and touch others in ways that we often do not know about. The Flowerdale Tattoo is a story that has touched others deeply and I have been thrilled to receive feedback from listeners about the effect this story has had on them. Hedley Galt, who writes a regular column in the magazine, Nature & Health was one such listener. Hedley was part of the audience for the live Radio National broadcast in Sydney in January for the 'Hope 2011- stories that must be told’ event and was deeply affected by the story. She has used her experience of listening to The Flowerdale Tattoo to inspire others to ‘embrace the here and now’ in her column on page 12 of the spring edition of the magazine. Below is the online link to the magazine but you will need to pop into your newsagent for a hard copy to read Hedley’s column.

Nature and Health

Listen to JB tell the story of the Flowerdale Tattoo

Learn more about JB here

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