Sunday, May 15, 2011

Kamishibai Swap Library is open for trade: put a story in and get a story out!

Those storytellers who practice Kamishibai storytelling will understand the hunger for stories. Picture cards can be purchased off the internet but there are also storytellers creating cards for their own stories just like the Kamishibai artists of old.

Jackie Kerin (Vic Guild Australia) and Derek Carpenter (aka Bo the Clown) from Newcastle in the UK have been pondering this problem and have set up Kamishibai Swap Shop on Derek's website.

Here's how it works:
  1. To get a story out you put a story in!
  2. Contact the authors direct. Pics are in Jpeg and Dialogue in Word 2003.
  3. If you don't have a swap you can buy direct from the author.
  4. You can also advertise your swaps on the website for free so long as you have the "rights" to swap.
  5. Swap Shop
Here are some examples of what you will find:

Two Brothers Derek's very first Kamishibai story and very first swap written two days after 9/11. It concerns war and its effects also possibly how Kamishibai started: 10 pics, one used twice. How to swap:

The King with Dusty Feet. Traditional Indian story, how shoes came to be invented. Original pictures. Contact:

The Princess and the Pea Hans Christian Anderson original artwork Leonie Kervin . For swap contact: Jackie

Split Dog
An original Australian tall story about an heroic dog. No moral, no deep lessons to be learned ... well ... perhaps a little Australian geography. Split Dog also appears in North American folk tale, sometimes as Davy Crocket's dog
The Split Dog stories come in five self contained episodes. Episodes vary in length.
1. The Making of Spilt Dog. 2. Spilt Dog and Ol' Joe go Fishing. 3. Split Dog Catches Ol' Joe's Runaway Teeth. 4. Split Dog and the Sock of Gold 5. Split Dog is Struck by Lightening.

Cracked Pot
A traditional folk tale about a cracked pot who was teased for its inability to hold water. However this flaw in the pot meant the earth was watered every day and flowers could bloom among the stones.

To participate in this grandly global initiative visit : Library of Swaps

Its a small beginning but the more who participate, the more it will grow.

On this website you can also read more about the history of Kamishibai - information provided by historian Helen Mc Carthy.