Thursday, May 19, 2011

Anne E Stewart, Julie Perrin and Matteo: new websites

Anne Stewart, Jullie Perrin and Matteo have all been busy redesigning their websites. So if its been a while since you checked in on these wonderful Vic Guild storytellers - its time for a browse.

The richness and diversity of practice in our storytelling community is nothing short of astonishing. No two of us tread the same paths and a quick glance at the these artists will make that clear.

Making full use of the audio and visual capabilities of the internet you can now see and hear these tellers in action.

One of the delights in taking timeout to view these sights is the clarity of personality that shines through.

Matteo has been having some great fun with audio, listen to Jabberwocky its a treat. He has also posted some of his own artwork. Matteo's generosity extends to sharing with you the secrets behind the software that enabled him to upload this work.

Anne Stewart, as one of our more travelled tellers, has made great use of youtube and we can see her in action at the Scottish International Storytelling Festival as well as by her fireside in Ballarat. Anne is also a prolific writer and you can read some of her articles and listen to the documentary she recorded for the ABC about her brother Tony Stewart, 'Our Tony'.

Julie Perrin's site is rich with fabulous, beautifully chosen quotes about story and storytelling. One of Julie's special offerings is her willingness to engage in long projects in schools. Julie has considerable experience in multi-cultural contexts and working in partnership with bi-lingual storytellers.

There is so much to explore on these new websites. Congratulations Anne, Julie and Matteo and thankyou for enriching our lives and deepening our understanding of what it means to be a storyteller working in the oral tradition.

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