Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Anne E Stewart

Anne E Stewart is a storyteller for everyone from age two to ninenty-two! She has programs for schools, libraries, art centres, museums, galleries, theatres, historic sites and more. An acclaimed storyteller with an international reputation.

Anne is a versatile performer, with the energy and voice to engage any audience. She regularly conducts sessions related to history, arts and culture for general public, tertiary and secondary audiences. She has a wealth of stories and sessions for primary and pre-primary students.

Her focus is on multi-cultural storytelling, and stories shared between cultures. Along with traditional anglo-celtic stories of Australia's history (for example, the history of Victorian gold fields), Anne also has knowledge and cultural permission to pass on many Indigenous Australian stories.

Anne also brings stories from further across the globe, including Ireland, Africa, Italy, China, Japan, and East Timor.

Along with telling stories, Anne takes sessions teaching the art of storytelling. This includes topics such as:

  • The performance

  • A literary standpoint

  • Indigenous telling & collections / protocols

  • Early years

  • Middle Years

  • Teenagers

Anne is also regularly sought for appearance on radio, and has been commissioned to make several productions under the ABC Regional Production Fund, including EUREKA 150, VOICES: OF THE PEOPLE AND LAND and OLD, COLD AND GOLD: A LITERARY WALK THROUGH BALLARAT. See the ABC site for further information.

She has also appeared as a storyteller on several television programs, including the popular LIFT OFF.

Anne E. Stewart's brother, Tony Stewart, was one of the five Australian journalists murdered in East Timor on 16 October 1975. For mature audiences, Anne has examined the tragic, political, and public nature of the deaths of the Balibo Five through her lens of storytelling. For the Stewart family, there has remained in their lives an ongoing connection to East Timor, for better and for worse, and the true power of her storytelling is proven when a personal viewpoint on these public events is shared. (Anne's brother Paul Stewart's music features in the feature film Balibo, directed by Robert Connolly).

Anne E Stewart asks, 'So who was the first gay in the village?'

Recently Anne E Stewart put her research skills into gear to uncover little known facts, legendary characters and the origins of the Chillout Festival. The show explored why and when the Daylesford village became so GLBT (Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender) friendly.

Highlights included photos, documents and oral histories that toldl the story of the town. Anne l also featured photos and discussion behind her last contribution to Chillout, the 2010 ‘St Dorothy of Daylesford’ float featuring the fabulous Miss Mille Minogue.

CONTACT: http://www.anneestewart.com.au/

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