Tuesday, October 2, 2018

Federation of Asian Storytellers

To the best of our knowledge there are now two federations uniting storytellers across Europe and Asia: FEST (Federation for European Storytelling)  and FEAST (Federation of Asian Storytellers). Perhaps one day, those of us in the Australia Pacific region will unite - FEAPST!

FEAST and FEST differ in many ways and in others, are similar. The European organisation is for organisations in Europe, not individuals.

The Asian organisation is open to organisations, individuals and non-member countries (countries not defined as 'Asian').

You can follow the links we have given you and explore for yourselves what these groups do and what they are planning.

Storytelling Australia Victoria decided to support the growth of the Federation of Asian Storytellers by joining as a non-member country and we have made a generous donation towards supporting storytellers from developing Asian countries to attend the first conference and towards memberships.

Storytelling Australia Victoria has friends and members with deep roots in Asia. And many of us working in schools and preschool centres have broadened our knowledge of traditional stories from across Asia to acknowledge the background of our listeners.

Storytelling Festivals are blossoming across Asia - in Thailand, South Korea, Vietnam, Indonesia, Tamil Nadu and Singapore, drawing tellers from around the world together in story. Australian based storytellers are increasingly participating and connecting with colleagues to the north.

Support to attend the inaugural conference in SINGAPORE 23rd 24th November.

As an institutional member of FEAST, Storytelling Australia Victoria can offer a discounted rate for a couple of our members to the upcoming Storytellers' Conference.

Keynote: Margaret Read McDonald
Workshops: Dr Wajuppa Tossa, Ariyo Fardh Zidni, Sheila Wee, Jeeva Raghunath, Alicia Dongjoo Bang, Ng Kok Keong as well as Christine Carlton (Australia), Craig Jenkins (UK) and Giovana Conforto (Italy).

The conference program is available HERE.

Timing is tight. So if you are a member of Storytelling Australia Victoria and you are interested in attending this conference and accessing the discount, please:
Email: storytellingvic@live.com.au 
Subject: FEAST

The world of storytelling, connection and support just keeps growing!