Monday, May 14, 2018

Gael Cresp: Stories for Grownups. Wonthaggi

I had a ‘Stories for Grownups’ in the library today.
One story I’d told before and two brand new ones. The theme was ‘Loyalty’.

The first story was ‘Bearskin’ a variation of a Grimm’s tale about a soldier who was left destitute when peace was established and how, by being loyal to his promise to the devil and by his promised bride being loyal to her promise to him, he defeated the devil, made his fortune and allowed them both to live long and happy lives.

The second was a version of a Burmese story I called ‘A promise kept’. It took a while for me to work out how I could tell this story as the beginning and the crux, when the young woman gave and then remembered her promise, seemed clumsy to me but I worked on it and was happy it was ready to tell. (Those who come the Sydney International Storytelling Conference may well get to hear my version and I might put it up on my web site as I like it a lot.)

The third was ‘Katie Crackernuts’ based on the version written by Kate Forsyth. I got my copy thanks to my wonderful niece in Detroit USA - many of you will have seen my conversation on Facebook about this a few weeks ago. Still waiting on my copy of the book.

Overall the stories went well. The library had set up the space with chairs and microphone. I had about 9 listeners, some of whom had travelled for over 30 minutes to get to the venue. But, but, but….

There was a noisy group in the library (a crowd of disabled people, wheelchairs and difficulty speaking and hearing) and despite turning the microphone up 3 times it was still very hard to make myself heard – some of my listeners have hearing aids of their own and have difficulty hearing if there is any background noise.

Then someone started up a vacuum cleaner (apparently something got spilled and had to be dealt with) but the LAST STRAW was two additional people – one of whom turned out to be the new branch manager (oops) having a loud voiced conversation. So loud it was louder than the vacuum cleaner and the disabled group.

I actually stopped and went and asked them to please be quiet for the next 5 – 10 minutes and promised I’d be finished by then. Back I went, gathered my thoughts, backtracked a little and finished the story.

I don’t know when I’ve been so wrung out after a session! My kind listeners said that they enjoyed it but I do hope the next two sessions in this series go better.

WHERE: Wonthaggi Library, Murray Street, Wonthaggi 
WHEN: May 16 'Wonder' & May 30 'Confusion'
TIME: 11 am 

Gael Cresp website here 
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