Tuesday, September 26, 2017

INVITATION: ‘One Thousand and One Tales’

Mojan Javardi is a film maker, is passionate about stories, and she has a project to share with us.
Mojan will be our special guest at: 
She is keen to meet storytellers and explain the ideas for her feature length documentary.

'One Thousand and One Tales' is a documentary and a book in the process about fairy tales, folktales and traditional stories within different cultures.
The project explores these stories to discover the heroes, villains and other minor characters within the tales.

The aim is to investigate the main messages of these stories and how they may have influenced us as children and how we look at them now as adults.

Mojan is also interested to share any bedtime stories, which have not been recorded as a text. Through this project the team have been thrilled when coming across such unwritten stories.

Selected stories will be part of the ‘One Thousand and One Tales’ printed book with a credit to the narrator. Also some of the storytellers will be invited to participate in the documentary based on their stories and willingness.

Please come along and meet Mojan and perhaps you would like to think about a story you encountered as a child and that you still hold in your heart. Many of you have stories you carry in your mother tongue, a language other than English. We would love to hear about this.
Lean more about Mojan and the team at Waking Dream Collective.
Mojan would like to film some of the storytelling at RAW and Newport but only where she has the teller's permission.  

* Remember Daylight Saving starts on Sunday 1st October. Don't forget to turn your clock forward an hour!!