Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Sparking Change: Workshops Melbourne CBD: November 7, 16 and 17

Sparking Change (SPARKS) is a social justice organisation using the power of story to spark social change. Lana Woolf from Story Vic is a co founder, alongside Emily Dwyer.

SPARKS is a community arts development organisation that uses StoryWork methodologies to support vulnerable and marginalised communities to take strategic social change action. 

Using story for advocacy: November 7

This workshop encourages people to explore their own experiences, knowledge, beliefs and stories. The program uses a range of methods, including presentations, individual reflection, working in pairs, and small and large group discussions.
At the end of this workshop, people who take part will be able to:
*Explain what advocacy is
*Outline examples of different types of advocacy.
*Describe some of the barriers that people face when engaging in advocacy, and some possible solutions to this.
*Explain the role that story telling plays in advocacy and campaigning.
*Outline some key considerations when using storytelling in advocacy and campaigning.
*Explore how to create suitable stories for advocacy purposes.
*Discuss some tricky questions that advocates might face, and how to handle these.

When: Tuesday 7th November 2017 (Public Holiday)
Time: 10 am to 4 pm
Where: Laneway Learning Shop 22 Bennetts Ln, Melborune
Cost: $125 waged payment $75.00 unwaged 


Bring your lunch, a notepad and pen. tea, coffee, water and snacks will be provided.
No computers please unless you need them for access purposes.

This space is wheelchair accessible.

Storytelling has always been a powerful tool for grassroots organisers, but now more than ever, personal narrative strategies are at the heart of successful social change toolkits and activities. 

This one day intensive workshop is for peer workers, advocates, social change makers, and activists. As advocates and social change makers working at the coal face, our task is not just to calculate the best response to public opinion. Our task is to shape public opinion to support real solutions and structural change. The best way to build this capacity while keeping it anchored in democratic and accountable organising is to grow it from the ground up. Sparking Change supports leaders and communicators to actively engage in social justice through personal strategic storytelling. We combine our capacity building training program with ongoing partnership, embedded sectoral support and convening our growing network of practitioners.
Join our next workshop and lets start sparking some change through strategic storytelling.

Strategic Storytelling for Social Change: Nov 16 and 17

2 day workshop for Peer Workers - Self Advocates - Social Change Agents - Activists - Campaigners

We tell stories all day every day - What we had for lunch, why we do what we do, and why we do it. A story can connect and influence - create change. Stories can tell us what is happening and how those happenings impact on people and the environment. Stories can also show us what change we can create in the world, and if it is a really good story, it will tell us what we can do to help facilitate that change. This workshop takes people through a process of using strategic StoryWork to lean how to tell the story of your ‘lived experience’ , the story of the of the social justice issue you are working on, and a story that will move people to action on your particular social justice issue. You will learn how to tell your story in ways that foster community, explore shared values, create hope and influence others on a path of social justice in action orientated ways.

When: Thursday 16th and Friday 17th November 2017 

Time: 10am to 4pm.
Cost: $150 unwaged $225 Waged
There is an option to pay a 50% deposit on the Trybooking website and pay the rest when you come to the workshop
Where:  22-24 Bennetts Ln, Melbourne VIC 3000


For more information
W: www.sparkingchange.com.au
E: hello@sparkingchange.com.au