Wednesday, September 23, 2015

‘Bindjareb Pinjarra’ storytelling theatre

Geoff Kelso, actor, comedian, writer and storyteller lives in Western Australia but spends a large part of every year travelling around the country performing.

He is one of the inaugural cast members and creators of a piece of storytelling theatre that was first developed in 1994. ‘Bindjareb Pinjarra’ has never been written down and is passed on to new cast members orally. Although the story remains the same, the text is fluid. This is a unique and enduring project working within the frame of traditional oral storytelling.

When Geoff visited Melbourne recently, it seemed like a good opportunity to sit him down and get him to share something of the process behind this remarkable collaborative story.

Cast and creators of  ‘Bindjareb Pinjarra’ from 1994 to the present:
Geoff Kelso, Kelton Pell, Phil Thomson, Isaac Drandic,
Frank Nannup, Dean Dayley-Jones, Mark Howett, Ian Wilkes, Trevor Parfitt, Sam Longley, Mick Innes, Craig Williams, Mark Storen, Kyle Morrison

Visit the Bindjareb Pinjarra website HERE
An interview with the cast that toured to Tennant Creek Desert Harmony Festival 2012 HERE


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