Saturday, March 7, 2015

Macedon Ranges Sustainable Living Festival 28 February 2015

What could be a more sustainable activity than oral storytelling? It has certainly endured the test of time. 

Whether its traditional stories, history, slams, personal tales or the retelling of ancient myths – the stories continue to the shared. However storytelling is defined, there is no question that it is enduring.

From the Macedon Ranges region, storytellers, Kate Lawrence, Susanne Sandow and Peter Fernon led sessions assisted by city-dweller Jackie Kerin. The highlight of the day was surely the Slam when the public stepped into the story space and spontaneously shared stories. This was a truly intergenerational event: the stories covering monster trucks, dogs, rainbows and wishes, love, nincompoops and noodle-heads!

The Macedon Ranges Sustainable Living Festival supplied the tent, a 3x3 marquee, and we did the rest.

Storytelling Australia Vic looks forward to setting up the story tent in more festivals, especially the regional towns.


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