Thursday, January 22, 2015

Visiting Storytellers: Christine Willison, Martin Jefferd, Naomi Steinberg and Taffy Thomas Summer 2015

The wonderful thing about visitors is the way they act as a catalyst and bring us together.

It’s common to have storytellers from overseas arrive on our shores over the summer break but as many of us are away, it’s not always possible to make them welcome and share stories. This year has been and exception.

Workshop and Story Share: Christine Willison and Martin Jefferd

With some quick planning, we succeeded in gathering at the Art Gallery of Ballarat where storyteller Christine Willison (based in Wales)  offered a workshop: Myth and Reality (focusing on the Welsh Tales of the Mabinogion). Participants came from near and far, several gathering at Southern Cross Station and making use of the regional train service (very relaxing!).

Following the workshop was a Story Share, where tellers identified artworks in the gallery and found an image to spark a tale. 

Christine is the current chair of The Society for Storytelling 
Martin is based in Bristol where the Bristol Storyfest is in planning 

Thanks to Ronda Gault, Anne E Stewart and Sheilagh Kentish and Art Gallery of Ballart for making it happen.

Pics: Christine Willison and Martin Jefferd and the train travellers enjoying a glass of before heading back to the city.

House Concert: Naomi Steinberg
By their nature, these are more private affairs as they take place in people’s homes. In a spontaneous moment, Jackie Kerin decided to offer Naomi Steinberg from Canada the use of her sunroom. Naomi arrived in Melbourne by cargo ship after spending 21 days crossing the Pacific. She is travelling the world with stories. You can follow her adventures HERE 

Thanks to Teena Hartnett and Jan “Yarn” Wositzky for helping on the night.

Coming soon
Workshops and Performances: Taffy Thomas
Taffy will be arriving soon and is offering workshops and concerts between February 21 and March 23.Taffy is the patron of the UK Society for Storytelling and the First Storyteller Laureate. 

Here's a glimpse of Taffy in action.

You can catch Taffy at the Castlemaine State Festival

Taffy Thomas: CreateAbility: Cultural Exchange

Taffy Thomas, Britain’s first Storytelling Laureate and friend of Storytelling Australia Victoria, will be appearing as himself at three performances. These shows are part of the FREE program listed under ‘Carnival of Community’ on the festival website

CreateAbility: Cultural Exchange
14th  Sat: 12.30 pm
15th  Sunday: 11.00 am
21st  Saturday: 12.30 pm

Where:Victory Park,
Mostyn Street

He will also be in the Food Garden on Sat 14 and 21 as part of the Fringe. Times tbc
Find the Free Events at the Caslemaine State Festival HERE

Taffy Thomas website:  HERE

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