Thursday, September 11, 2014

Clare Coburn and Jo Henwood sharing ideas 2014

Now and again with a bit of a nudge from the Storytelling Vic blog editor (me), storytellers share a little of what has been inspiring them, or texts that they think others might find valuable.

Here's one from Vic teller Clare Coburn 

The wisdom of stories in the cinema
When Jackie Kerin asked me for a storytelling source, I was in New Zealand, staying with Kapiti coast storyteller, Judy Frost-Evans. She took me to a recently released local film, ‘The Dark Horse.’ It twines Maori creation stories into a redemptive tale based on the life of troubled chess champion, Genesis Potini. Enjoy this film for its powerful evocation of the courage and creativity it takes to overcome suffering, the extraordinary performances of its stars, and the stories plotted across the chessboard.
Clare Coburn HERE

From Jo Henwood (New South Wales)
For a Storyteller seeking to deepen their understanding of what stories can be told in natural heritage sites, with what spirit, and what purpose, the book to read is The Passionate Fact: Storytelling in Natural History and Cultural Interpretation by Susan Strauss.   This is a fairly contemplative guide, investigating the interweaving of scientific fact and mythic representations in stories, eyes upon the transformative and spiritual powers of story to enrich the relationship of human being to nature.  The cultural interpretation is focused upon Native American stories.  History and museums are barely touched upon.
Jo Henwood HERE

Thanks Clare and Jo

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