Friday, August 29, 2014

The IMTALAP Symposium (Adelaide) 17 & 18 October, 2014

Not a SAV event but an opportunity for all who are interested in working in Museums, Art Galleries, historic sites etc, this will be of interest.

Putting the Muse into the Museum: The role of narrative in museum theatre

 Museum theatre is the tool for interpreting, entertaining and educating audiences in cultural institutions. An alliance exists for practitioners to share their ideas, experiences, as well as source advice and inspiration.

The international body is called International Museum Theatre Alliance (IMTAL). International Museum Theatre Alliance Asia Pacific aims to represent and offer services to all of its members and also to partner members in IMTAL Americas and IMTAL Europe.
IMTAL Asia Pacific is:
  •  the formal conduit for all museum theatre practitioner
 the overseeing organising team for forums and conferences
  • the host for events with workshops, master classes and special guests
 an advocate for performance in cultural organisations

  • a promoter of academic rigor in the area of museum theatre

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