Monday, August 26, 2013

The Moth - Workshop. Melbourne Writers Festival - 24th August 2013

pic: Gael Cresp in action

The Melbourne Writer's Festival is in full swing. Our storytellers are involved in events as well as enjoying sessions and workshops.

Gael Cresp attended The Moth, 3 hour workshop, and was delighted to see Vic teller, Suzanne Sandow there as well.

In the spirit of sharing, here is Gael's summary of the workshop:

'This was one of the best storytelling sessions I have attended. Most of the stories were un- polished but each and every one exhibited gem like qualities that sent me away inspired. This was a diverse group, occupations, life situations, qualifications but the depth of talent released by this workshop was breathtaking. I wanted to spend longer with the attendees and find out how they had come to this session, where they wanted to go with their storytelling and when we could meet again. I made do with handing out some Storytelling Australia (Victoria) cards and hope that some of them make contact with our group...'

Read her full account of this workshop

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