Thursday, February 14, 2013

Martin Jefferd in Melbourne: February 2013

 Once again Storytellling Australia (Vic) had the pleasure of hearing Martin Giffard (UK storyteller) tell stories.

Martin and Christine have a very good reason to visit Melbourne regularly as their grandchildren live here.
Our Storytellers are so scattered across Victoria, its hard for us to meet but we were able to combine our AGM with an informal story share to fit in with Martin's schedule.
Its wonderful to hear what folk have been up to and their plans for 2013. As we so rarely have the chance to enjoy each others skills, this kind of relax exchange is a treat.
Martin shared two masterfully crafted stories with us and then it was our pleasure to decamp to DeGraves Street, drink a little wine and hear more about the storytellers in the UK and Bristol in particular.

With luck, Martin will return next year. If so, I think we should try for a real celebratory Story night!

Thank you Martin - you're in inspiration. 

Safe travel and best wishes from your storytelling friends in Australia.

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