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AGM: Sunday 10th February followed by a Story Share. 2013

AGM: Sunday 10th February 2013 followed by a Story Share. (Special UK guest Martin Jefferd)

 It's that time of year! If you have been unable to make past gatherings - this is the one not to miss. It's your chance to be involved and contribute to the planning and ideas for 2013.

The AGM will last 60 mins - following on we will enjoy a café lunch (or bring along a lunch box if you prefer) then we shall reconvene for an informal Story Share.

Sunday 10 February
12.00 – 1.00 pm
We need five or six committee members: president, secretary / public officer, treasurer, maintainer of the membership list, Facebook coordinator, and Blog coordinator. Come along and have your say. What could we do better? What do we do well?

2.00 - 4.00pm
You are invited to meet other storytellers, share stories, achievements and plug your shows and ideas for 2013. New members especially welcome. UK storyteller, Martin Jefferd will be our special guest. Please keep your contribution to 15 mins or less.

City Library (ask a librarian if you can’t find us)
AGM : Group Study Room
STORY SHARE: Majorca Room
253 Flinders Lane, Melbourne Victoria 3000 

The library is located in the CAE building on the corner of Degraves Street and Flinders Lane, between Swanston and Elizabeth Streets. (Melway reference: Map 1B, M9)


  • ·      Yearly Membership is $25
  • ·      Membership makes you eligible for listing as a storyteller on The Storytelling Australia (Vic) website.
  • ·      Your events and projects will be prioritised on our blog and Facebook attracting interest globally.
  • ·      You will be adding your voice and ideas to a storytelling community that connects nationally, supports artists and professional development.

Storytelling Australia (Victoria) was created over thirty years out of a love of traditional oral storytelling. Initially called the Storytelling Guild of Victoria, the focus was lifting folk tales off the page and placing them back on the tongue. Since that time there has been a name change, the storytellers have grown in numbers and skill and are now connected nationally and internationally with fellow practitioners.

These days Storytelling (Vic) tellers can be found sharing their work in schools, libraries, museums, art galleries and literary and folk festivals here and around the world. The stories they tell range from retold traditional, historical, the personal and the modern tall story. Some are also published writers, others use their skills to heal and some to teach.

At a time when Melbourne’s literary and cultural life has been recognised and the city listed as one of only five UNESCO Cities of Literature, oral storytelling is re-emerging and blossoming.

It could be said that the story is connected to the book, like blossom to fruit.

President: Matteo matubrem@yahoo.com.au
Secretary: Anne Stewart anne@anneestewart.com.au. Phone: 0408 550 945408

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