Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Gael Cresp. Myths and Legends night at Alexandra Library. 18 September 2012

The Alexandra Library is hosting an evening of storytelling with professional storyteller Gael Cresp.
Gael Cresp is a well known gifted storyteller who captivates her audience with dramatic ancient tales. Gael brings to life all the excitement, tragedy, wrath, revenge and passion of the ancient myths and legends, complete with all the M rated bits.

Myths and legends were an attempt to explain nature and the wonders and dangers of the world. Enduring themes of betrayal, lust, greed, discovery, fear and quests are as central to ancient myths as they are to the modern world.
These stories give an insight into some of the foundations of our cultural heritage, as well as an understanding of the naming of the planets and exploration missions in modern times. They may also help you solve a crossword or two.

Please join us with your family for this storytelling journey into the world of ancient heroes, monsters, heroines and adventure.
Heroic supper afterwards in the library.

This event is sponsored by Friends of the Library Alexandra as part of their Away With Words festival.

Bookings 5772 0349.

07:00PM, Tuesday 18 September 2012 - 08:00PM, Tuesday 18 September 2012
49 Grant Street, Alexandra 3714

More info: here

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