Monday, August 6, 2012

A Grimm Reminder in Mentone

A Grimm Reminder has been a delightful project. JJ Sheils, Matteo and Jackie Kerin decided it would be fun to celebrate along with the rest of the world the 200th anniversary of the publication the Grimm's anthology, Children's and Household Tales. Published in 1812 there were eventually seven editions. The first Reminder was in Belgrave, then Emerald (PAVE Festival) and the most recent, Mentone. Vic teller, Julia Reichstein, works alongside a voluntary committee to keep the Mentone Public Subscription Library in operation and it was in this delightful atmosphere, dark tales were told. As a Grimm Reminder moves from place to place, other tellers are invited to take to the story chair and share a favourite Grimm tale and this time Julia took up the challenge with a fabulous and funny version of Rumplestiltskin

There is still much of 2012 to go ... hopefully there will be more Grimm gatherings before the year is out.

pic: Julia channelling that greedy king who wanted straw spun into gold!

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