Monday, April 11, 2011

JJ Sheills at the PAVE Festival: Stories Plus

JJ was a hit with the punters at PAVE (Performing and Visual Arts in Emerald). Lots of audience participation, bright lights and bright
props, including his amazing felt board creations.

The stories included an Aussie version of Three Billy Goats Gruff with cartoonist, Paul Harris, who sketched the characters as they appeared in the story.

How Monkey Stole Fire was performed with origami artist, Brenda Saunders, folding the characters adding visuals and interest. The audience each had a piece of origami paper in their show bags and the origami lady demonstrated how to fold a little container – e.g. you could put a handful of nuts/lollies in it.

The first story after the break was Jakamarra Gets Ready for the Dance and JJ had quite a few of the kids from Gembrook theatre (Gemco Juniors) on the stage doing bits of the story with him and the audience had leafy branches to brush away the flies when they appeared in the story. The kids were amazing.

JJ is known for his agility with language and beautiful hand crafted props. A unique and wonderful Vic Storyteller.

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image: Paul Harris

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