Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Bernard Caleo and kamishibai: Sergei's Pram

Storyteller, comic book maker, raconteur, editor of The Tango Collection 2009 ... Bernard Caleo is planning a series of anarchic nights of story and pictures for Readings Bookshop.

The series is called What It Is? and Bernard includes other comic book creators in lively debate and demonstration.The first What It Is? featured the mind and artwork of the amazing Michael Camilleri.

Pictured is Bernard in action telling the story of Sergei's Pram. The tale of the pram that was seen bouncing down the steps in Eisenstein's film The Battleship Potemkin.

These strong drawings, framed in the kamishibai and along with Bernard's storytelling are spellbinding.

Keep an eye on the Readings calendar of events. There is much to interest the curious mind.

The next What It Is? : June 27

Learn more about Bernard and other comic book makers in Melbourne: Cardigan Comics

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