Saturday, April 8, 2017

Matt McArthur: The Laborastory (April)

Story Vic science storyteller Matt McArthur rocked it at The April Laborastory. Here Matt is telling the story of William Speirs Bruce, Scottish naturalist, polar scientist and oceanographer who organized and led the Scottish National Antarctic Expedition (1902–04) to the South Orkney Islands and the Weddell Sea. 
 Matt is also a podcaster and decided to celebrated 42 episodes of his pod cast 'Ice Coffee' by baking dozens of chocolate cup cakes decorated with an image of Antarctica. (Cake has really found its place among us!)
Matt has been making good use of the Fabled Nights in Newport to craft his stories. It would be wonderful if more science communicators came along and used the evenings to shape and polish their ripping yarns.  If you are reading this and you are a science nerd, come along. We'd love to hear your stories. 

You can visit Diver Matt's website HERE
If you enjoy science stories, The Laborastory is a monthly event HERE

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