Monday, April 3, 2017

Dee (Durgah Devi) Palanisamy

We are lucky that as our numbers grow, more of you are stepping into roles that enable us to offer events with experienced hosts. I'd like to thank Dee for stepping into the role of host for the RAW Garden Storytelling afternoons. These events are in partnership with RAW and Storytelling Vic. The Raw Garden is in Brighton East and the storytelling is the first Sunday of the month: February - November.
Marian Issa (co founder of RAW) and Dee
If you haven't met Dee (Durgah Devi) Palanisamy, she  is a passionate Storyteller and is fascinated by all kinds of stories across the world. She is an avid advocate of the Arts and enjoys Drama, Theatre and Storytelling. She is a Speech and Drama Educator with more than a decade of experience in the field. After graduating with a Masters of Education, specialising in Drama from NIE (Nanyang Technological University), Dee completed the graded Speech and Drama exams offered by Trinity College (London). She is constantly striving to create spaces and programs that encourage discovery, education and entertainment.

After migrating to Melbourne in 2016, Dee founded Deelightfultales, which is a Storytelling company that aims to renew the oral traditions of the spoken word. She maintains her networks in Singapore and visits  annually. Dee specialises in Storytelling for children, Asian Folktales, Stories from India and Tales from the Mahabharata. She also facilitates targeted Storytelling workshops for children and adults.

Being born and raised in Singapore, Dee is proficiently bilingual in English and Tamil. She also speaks conversational Mandarin, Malay and Singlish.  As a versatile performer, she connects with her audience and truly believes in the Power and Magic of Storytelling.  

Dee is available for:
Folktales and Fables
Storytelling performances for preschool and primary school children.
Interactive Stories for Children
Use of Puppets and Props
Thematic stories
Workshops on oral communication skills and drama techniques
Storytelling skills training
Storytelling Workshops (For Children and Adults)

+61 450091979

Here is Dee on a mid winter's night in the old Newport Scout Hall at the annual Newport Folk Festival 2016.

Posted by Jackie Kerin (president Storytelling Vic)

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