Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Jan "Yarn" Wozitsky" CANAKKALE GALLIPOLI. April 25

Hello Folks,

I've a new rendition of my long-running show CANAKKALE GALLIPOLI, this time with the superb Jack Norton, a master of Turkish music, joining me to play oud, saz, tanbur and percussion. Jack studied Turkish music in Istanbul, and he's bringing great depth to the musical side of this show.

It's on Anzac Day at Steilglitz (b/w Geelong & Ballan) & Castlemaine on FRi 28 (see below).

I’ve not performed the show since the overbearingly nationalistic and sentimental 2015 centenary, so for those who may fear this is in that vein, assuredly it’s not - it’s an alternative, human version of this story that I hope transcends, and undercuts, nationalism - and tells it from both sides.

As Ted Egan says in one of the songs I use:
“They say old soldiers never die
But young ones do and I ask why?"

All details below, and hope to see you if you're in this area.
Cheers, Jan.

Tuesday 25 April (Anzac Day) @ 2.30pm
Stieglitz Hall, Stieglitz (between Ballan & Geelong)
$20. Book with Pete or Christine: 03 5281 9253
Friday 28 April @ 8pm
Old Castlemaine Gaol

$25. Book: HERE

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