Sunday, April 3, 2016

Our Dutch friends and World Storytelling Day

Our enthusiasm for celebrating World Storytelling Day has been growing and largely inspired by our friends in the Netherlands. Several Vic tellers have reached out across the globe and contributed to the Dutch initiatives, adding stories to the video channel that they set up every year. This year Victorian Suzanne Sandow contributed a story alongside Fred uit het Broek (Netherlands), Silvia Hein (Germany), Roger Jenkins (Singapore) and  Claire Muireann Murphy (Ireland). You can see the videos HERE.

Storytelling Vic was also invited to Skype into the celebrations taking place in a tiny theater in the middle of a park,  'Verhalen in het bos' -  'Stories in the Woods'.
Teena Hartnet responded to the invitation but after several crackly Skype experiments, she recorded her message. Her efforts were applauded!
'It was a pity that the live connection didn’t work, but the video message worked wonderfully. People even applauded for you as if you were actually present in the room...Thank you very much for your cooperation and maybe until next year. It was much appreciated by all people at our event.' Melanie Plag.
Melanie sent us some photos to share with you of the Dutch event.
From top to bottom: the musicians that played between the stories, storytellers Edith de Wit, Marius Gosschalk and Melanie Plag.

Please ... we invite you all to participate in World Storytelling Day next year. You're welcome to join the Vic planning team for the SAV events but we're equally excited to share member events wherever they are. This is a special time of year for us all.

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