Friday, April 8, 2016

Kim Billington tells stories in the RAW Garden 1 May 2016

Kim loves folktales from all cultures! She began telling stories as a teacher and then it became part of her counseling work with adults and children. This has included presenting workshops at conferences and also training counselors since 2012.

Kim’s Master of Narrative Therapy research thesis at The University of Melbourne was about how folktales might open doors to new possibilities in making sense of our lives and moving forwards. Kim finds folktales can recruit the imagination - expanding our horizons and depths, helping us capture unexpected solution possibilities for our own story.

Kim chooses stories which include themes such as: isolation, rejection, powerlessness, daunting hierarchies, following one’s interest, side-stepping the problem, sensing hope, seeing achievements and the unexpected coming together of events leading to identity renewal. 

Kim will be presenting a workshop at the upcoming International Storytelling Conference (NSW) 

Join Kim in the RAW Garden. Bring a story to share.

WHEN: 1 May 12.00 pm - 2.00 pm 

WHERE: RAW Garden 325 South Road Brighton

BOOKINGS AND ENQUIRIES (tix usually on sale 2 weeks prior to events): HERE

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